Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas past and presents.

Didn't get too much for Christmas this year as I had asked mainly for money and you all know that most of that went in the Harrods sale, but I got some lovely things which were kept track of via my Amazon wish list.

Yes if you didn't know already, you can create a wish list on Amazon of anything you want from literally any website and you can share your list with family and friends when you have a birthday, or Christmas is fast approaching.  I also use mine to keep track of clothes and accessories I have my beady eye on, so it really comes in handy as once you have signed up you get a little "a" up in the right hand corner of your screen and you just click on it to add any item you wish.


A very thoughtful personalised Calender made up of photo's old and new, some of them really made me laugh, especially the one where I had literally just given birth to Courtenay 21 1/2 years ago on the living room floor (but we won't go into that). You can see a couple of oldies on the cover, the three girls when they were little and Charlie about 18 months old, head to toe in Burberry (if I was having a boy, he was gonna be the best dressed kid in town at any cost) and the Nigellisima cookbook - loved the series so was really pleased with this.  I couldn't stop looking at Nigella in this latest series with her skin like porcelain and constantly wondering to myself how a woman of 52 could remain completely wrinkle free when my face is beginning to resemble a map of spaghetti junction and she has a good few years on me yet!


Topshop jumper and M&S massage slippers. I don't really know what to say about these slippers other than, the idea is an inovative one, but they really hurt my feet! The insides are like a Tods shoe sole, full of bobbly bits (see pic) and they are not in the least bit comfy! I can think of better ways to get a foot massage!  


I've wanted the Eau de Hadrien scent by Annick Goutal like forever, but buying scent for myself always feels a little indulgent unless I'm in Duty Free, so I was over the moon to get this gift set especially as it contains two perfumes (one is a perfect purse spray) but as beautiful as it smells and for me this could easily become a summertime signature, it sadly doesn't last very long, so I'd be interested to know what you think if you have it or have tested it out on yourself at any time. If you want to read a review or see what elements make up this perfume you can do so here. Laura Mercier Creme Brulee signature candle - smells utterly divine, perfect to uplift your spirits whilst on a New Year downer but I warn you, if you are dieting and can't indulge in a Creme Brulee pudding, you might well end up eating this candle, if so please make sure you blow it out first and google the calorie content.


The obligatory Liz Earlie cleanse and polish - always a winner with me, although I have been using Dermalogica lately (that's another post to come). Ministry of Sound triple CD - all my favourite tunes and a Chanel nail polish in Dragon.  Lovely dark red but a complete nightmare to remove even with the use of base coat!  It was that bad I painted them with it all over again, well I did say it was a nice colour!


Mother In Law did good with her present for the house this year. Yes we got a coffee machine and a not so exciting Toilet brush which was no way on my Amazon list! What possessed her, I really don't know! 

Hope you got everything you wished for and more this Christmas!



  1. Hehe, a toilet brush-just as well she came up trumps with the coffee machine!! You received some fab pressies, shame the slippers are not more comfy and I love the sound of your candle!! Also got the MOS Anthems, just need to download it! xxx

  2. Lol lol - only a mother in law could get away with buying you a toilet brush. Is she dropping a hint about your toilets perhaps!?
    LOVING all of your gifts - you did very well and clearly have very thoughtful friends and family. Enjoy using/wearing/drinking them during 2013 xx

  3. Some lovely presents, you've done well the past while what with your sale buy's too. I'm so jealous as I'm on a spending ban so no sale shopping for me!

  4. Great gifts, perhaps with the exeption of the massage slippers and the toilet brush:) That candle sounds good enough to eat! I love Nigella too, and I bet we would all look great with the help of professional makeup and camera ligthing! Speaking of - the Liz Earle cleanser seems to be all the rage now, I guess I just have to try it. I got a lot of what I wanted for Christmas, and some great gifts that were not on my list as well.

  5. Coffee machine sounds great - toilet brush not so great - was it a limited edition brush or something? ;) What a lovely calendar - very thoughtful! Good old Minstry of Sound - lots of memories there! xx

  6. Lovely gifts:) I have a new coffee machine too, although it is definitely more water I should be drinking.
    ~Anne xx

  7. Ordered myself the Nigellisima book with some of my Christmas money - heres hoping it is good. Love a bit of the saucy minx that is Nigella. Lets hope Mother-in-law was just regifting and not trying to make a sly point? Bit random indeed! Ooh which coffee machine did you get? I got Mother an Nespresso machine; I am a little bit in love with it. How does the Liz Earle compare to Eve Lom? I know it is cheaper but I have never tried it and I am curious seeing as we are a bit of an Eve Lom addicted house hold here x


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx