Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Indugling my second favourite passion.

I can remember when I first starting reading fashion blogs that I used to get a little bit annoyed when one of my favourite bloggers posted about food or a recipe they had used, I wanted to see fashion, read their opinions on brands, see what they had bought, but in more recent years my outlook has changed somewhat.  With the introduction of Twitter and Instagram I feel as though my life is no longer just about beautiful fashion and accessory imagery, as I am now far more interested in the lifestyle of the people I follow on various social media platforms, and often find myself cooking meals that I have seen or looking for similar recipes to delicious looking meals that have made my mouth water on sight.
As Mums who cook daily, there are times when we all need some inspiration and although I class myself as a fairly good cook, my repertoire consists of meals I ate as a child, homemade pies, casseroles, stews and spuds of some description with everything, and although all of these meals do contain some healthy elements, I have never cut out the pastry, white pasta or dumplings nor made a concious decision to introduce healthier meals into my menu plans, but that has all recently changed after I attended a Deliciously Healthy Cookery course last week.


I was really excited about attending this event as I tend to think that anything healthy is boring and tasteless but I couldn't have been more wrong!  The Cookery Class took place at Witherdens Hall in the Kent countryside on the outskirts of Canterbury and we were greeted with tea and coffee before the lovely Emily (the founder of My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen) explained what the day would involve and that we were more than welcome to join in with the food preparation or just sit with a cup of coffee and make notes, all very informal, although everybody was more than happy to get involved, although I think I took more pictures than do actual food prep!  

We started off by making a healthier cake which we would later eat for pudding, followed by a Moroccan spiced winter vegetable soup for starter and garlic chicken skewers, dukkah roast vegetables, chickpea stew with fragrant quinoa for main course.  We made a tapanade for a mid morning snack which impressed me no end as I dislike olives immensely, but mix them with some sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil, and ta da! a healthy snack packed with goodness. 

Emily explained to us that after years of yo yo dieting and trying every diet known to man, she finally gave up and adopted a healthy eating lifestyle which has led her body to find it's natural weight.  Couple this with her extensive knowledge of benefits every ingredient used has for you, I couldn't help but be impressed by the whole set up.

Once all the food was prepared and cooked, we all sat down to a beautifully laid candle lit table, white and red wine, and got to taste the meals, and boy were they delicious! I was totally stuffed after eating all three courses but having come away with a recipe pack of all the meals we cooked, I am totally inspired to get cooking and have ordered everything I need to replicate these meals with this weeks Sainsbury's order, so the family are in for a real treat tomorrow night!

  three meals

In hindsight I think these workshops would make a great day out for a group of girlfriends (a hen day you are not afraid to take your Mum on?), a husband and wife who perhaps share the cooking duties, and gift vouchers are also available if you are stuck for an idea for someone who has a passion for healthy eating or is looking to start a healthy eating regime.  The class runs from 10am until 3pm although ours was finished a bit earlier than this, so plenty of time to do a spot of shopping in Canterbury or even a cultural visit to the Cathedral to round off your day.

The price for the workshop is currently £65 and when you think you get to eat a three course meal with wine, snacks, endless tea and coffee and leave with a detailed recipe pack, in addition to everything you learn, I personally think it is worth every penny which is why I felt compelled to write about it!

To book a place on the next workshop and to find out more click here.


  1. Wow this looks just wonderful - my kind of 'day out'! Agreed it's worth every penny for what you get not just on the day but the knowledge you take away with you. Usually these things are awfully expensive.
    I think it's all too easy to get a little bit complacent especially having the burden of shopping and cooking with little time for us mums, so it's great when you find something that works to further motivate the healthy eating goal for everyone. Fortunately we do eat healthily since my kids are basically allergic to processed food (oh but how they crave it as a consequence, can't bloody win!). And with cooking from scratch it's cheaper too.
    Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Hi my dear-this really is a fabulous price for what you get, learning new and healthy recipes and eating them too, that is such a great day out and no wonder you are so eager to get going on all these yummy recipes! xxx

  3. Great post Sharron! I think everyone is becoming more aware of the quality of food we cook for the family and the importance of staying as healthy as we can. Lovely photos and I am sure it was an enjoyable day out!!
    ~Anne xx

  4. Thank so much for your amazing write up of your day at My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen! I am over the moon that you enjoyed it so much and that it has inspired you to add some delicously healthy meals to your repetoire!! Thank you for all your support! E xxxxx

  5. Sounds like a lovely day out! :)

  6. Being a real foodie, I loved reading about your cooking experience. Living in Spain for the last 12 years made me realise how little we cook in general in the UK compared to the Med. My friends and clients in Spain would never dream of having a sandwich for lunch ;-)

  7. I don't like cooking but sometimes I think I should get myself on a course like this for fun. Put it this way, I'd rather do this than a spa day! Enforced relaxing is so unrelaxing to me. I think it would be really fun with a girlfriend who is as bad a cook as me.

  8. The food looks wonderful Sharron - what a great idea! Hope you'll share a couple of recipes on the blog! x

  9. OMG Sue ... finally I find someone who thinks like me!! When I'm told to relax in one of those spa environments complete with annoying whale music, I immediately want to climb onto a table and start tap-dancing (not that I know how to tap-dance, but you get the idea, lol!!) Sharron, I LOVED this post. I love cooking and am constantly on the look-out for new recipes. That sounds like my idea of a perfect day. So ... when are you posting the recipes??? Helen x

  10. Sounds like a great day out. I finally made a meal plan this week.

  11. I've done a few of the Jamie Oliver cooking classes and I adored it so I have been on the lookout for something similar and this sounds great! I'm trying to get fit and healthy for the New Year so this is just what I needed!

  12. Sounds great, I would definitely go if there was something similar near me. Food looks fab, too! x


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