Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Beauty Junkie - HD Brows in my own humble opinion.

Working as a beauty therapist it is imperative that you keep abreast of beauty trends and train in them accordingly.  When HD Brows first hit the headlines and as someone whose own brow's are somewhat thin and sparse due to over plucking as a teen, I couldn't help but be interested.

I looked into taking the course but a) it was very expensive b) they were all up north with the closest to Kent being Milton Keynes (anything above Tottenham on a map is north as far as I am concerned, although I did go to Leicester for a wedding once) and c) it was a two day course which would involve hotel as well as train fare costs, so I kind of forgot all about it, that was until my clients starting asking me about the treatment and a salon in town started offering this service for £25 a pop!

I looked at the HD Brow website and some of the video's on youtube. I found one of the HD Brow founder showing the 7 step procedure and another video by a beauty blogger having her's done by a HD Brow trained therapist and it was all very interesting.

HD Brows say they use a seven step procedure to create the perfect high definition brow and that it completely disregards everything you may have been taught at college or on a waxing course and it does in one of the steps and that is where they wax above the brow as you are taught not to do that, but of course for some clients you have to as they may have hair in that region that completely ruins the shape of the brow and can be very unsightly.  Anyway I digress, so the HD Brow procedure involves:-

Step One - Preparation and Assessment.
I say: This would be done by a beauty therapist for any brow wax appointment so nothing new here. This would be where shape would be discussed with the client.

Step Two - Tinting.
I say: Again nothing new. If you book yourself in with a therapist for a brow tint this is the same procedure as you would get.

Step Three - Waxing.
I say: OK this is what we do anyway for a fraction of the price!

Step Four - Trimming.
I say: For some clients you have to trim their eyebrows. I have one lady in particular who's eyebrow hair grows vertically up but only on one brow so this has to be trimmed to keep it symmetrical to the other brow. Trimming will also be used to trim back any long hairs that are not the same length as other brow hair but trimming would not be necessary for all clients.

Step Five - Threading.
I say: Any therapist who has waxed your brows will finish off by using tweezers to remove any hair that may be left behind and as tweezering is Step Six - I can't really see the point of threading as after waxing there should be very little left and what is, will be removed with tweezers in the next step.

Step Six - Tweezers.
I say: See Step Five and any hairs that may have been left behind will be removed at this stage, it also helps to define a shape with tweezers.  Unlike threading and waxing, tweezers remove the hair's one at a time giving you complete control especially when working close to the clients desired shape or trying to create a new one in a previously untouched brow.

Step Seven - Finish.
I say: According to HD Brows this is where a calming lotion will be applied to soothe the brows and close hair follicles but again any therapist will do this after a brow wax. A mineral powder is also  applied around the eyebrows, again to create definition. This is also the point where a HD Brow trained technician gets the opportunity to make money from retailing the HD Brow range of products which include brow pencils and powders, serums' to apparently encourage hair growth etc by writing out your very own "brow prescription" and list of products required to upkeep your new brows. Very clever marketing in my opinion.

To sum up:

1. No HD Brow Technician can perform miracles. If you have gaps in your brows, very thin or sparse eyebrows the only way of achieving the look of a celebrity or high definition brow will be by using either an eyebrow pencil or a brow powder to enhance your brows and of course these will only last until you take your make-up off. If you watch the video you will see that a pencil and powder is used to create definition and give a more dramatic effect. Clients with thin or sparse brows are advised to go into "brow rehab" where regrowth can take up to a year to get the thicker brow shape they desire. Always remember if you start off with untouched virgin brows it will be far easier to achieve the currently fashionable look of a thick celebrity brow.

2. HD Brows is a brand that supplies it's own products, tint, wax, tweezers etc all at a cost to the therapist that will no doubt be far more expensive than the wax and tint they normally use.

3. Due to the above, the therapist will have no choice but to charge more than a therapist would at any salon providing you with a "normal" brow wax and tint. HD Brows cost from £25 upwards and that is in rural area's, expect to pay far more in London.

4. I charge £5 for an eyebrow wax which includes HD Brow steps: 1. assessment 3. waxing, 4. trimming (if required) 6. tweezering and 7. finish. I charge £8 for a brow wax and tint which includes HD Brows step 2. tinting, along with the steps used for waxing 1, 3, 4, 6, 7.

If you are thinking of having this procedure do have a look at the video and let me know what you think.  Also if you have had HD Brow's I would be interested to know if you think it is worth it.  I tried out all the steps except the threading on my daughter to create my own "Celebrity Brow" which I am intending to charge £12 for this 30 minute procedure. Here I have waxed above the brow and created more definition with the use of pencils and powder and taken extra time over assessment, measuring the brow arch and overall symmetry of the brows.

Photo: I've had lots of clients asking about HD brows recently so to give clients an idea of what they get for a £25 treatment have a little look at this video and then take a look at my version for less than half the price!
My daughters brows after my "celebrity brow" treatment.
Check out a beauty blogger having her HD Brows done, this is an interesting one as her brows aren't that full and thick to start with.

The point of this post is to keep fellow bloggers informed of treatments available and their cost and if I as a trained professional, deem them to be worth it, so I hope you have found this informative and not too boring.

My top tips for gorgeous brows:

1. DIY tinting kits can be bought from Boots.
2. Use a brow powder kit or a pencil to fill in gaps.
3. Use Castor Oil on brows to encourage growth.
4. Avoid using face creams of any description on your brows whilst trying to regrow the hair in an effort to achieve your desired look.
5. If you have your eyebrow's waxed at a salon, never be afraid to ask for what you want and if going for the first time, ask exactly what is provided in the treatment for the brochure price i.e. trimming etc.

Check out some of my favourite products to help create a "celebrity brow" at home:-

 Benefit instant brow pencil £14.00. Benefit Brow Zing £22.50. Bare Minerals brow singles £11.00. Smashbox brow tech wax £14.50. Benefit Brows a go go £26.50.

Please leave a comment with any questions on this or any other beauty treatments, I will always do my best to give you an informed answer.


  1. Thanks for a very interesting post Sharron! I think I definitely would qualify for brow rehab, plucked the life out of them in my 20's. Will try some of the guidelines here though:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Had these done as I had overplucked when younger. Grew them out first so they were much wilder and went to HD Brows technician. Was very pleased with the result. However, after 2-3 appointments she left the shop so I just went back to a regular wax/tint and there is no difference! The only thing that made them better was the leaving them to grow a bit first which anyone can do!

  3. Your timing is perfect. I've been umming and ahhing about whether or not to go for the HD brows. I actually thought the price was ok as my nearest salon (I live in Surrey) charges £9.50 for tint and £12 for waxing so I figured this was a good deal. However, that was with me expecting a dramatic result and the reason I was putting it off was because I just couldn't believe that what they claimed could be done was possible. It was just too good to be true. I'm putting faith in your non-biased opinion, going to save my money and work harder on achieving better results myself with the Benefits browzing. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa I think to have your brows waxed and tinted for the price your salon offers is fine, my problem is the price and claims of the HD brows and I have tried to make the point that you can get a similar result with waxing and tinting from any beauty therapist then do the rest with either pencil or brow powders at home, so don't be afraid to go for it and finish off with products to enhance them and give the "celebrity brow" finish. x

  4. I over plucked my eye brows as was the fashion years ago. Hence my brows are sparse and seem course but the shape is very thin. I have tried plucking, waxing, threading, tinting, filling in with eye brow powders and pecils. I tried to leave them to grow, but they grew in all the worng places. So now I just make the best of it, by combining all of the above ehen I can. HD brows seems to me to be another add on. How much can you spend per month on leting professionals, give you the best brows, the best nails, the best pedicure, the best hair colour, cut etc etc.?

  5. Great advice Sharron!I bought Benefit Browzings before Christmas and I love it! x

    1. That's good to hear honey. I think powders are easier to use and not so harsh especially if don't want a "scouse brow"!

  6. Is it very stupid to ask what HD stands for?! I also get my eyebrows waxed at my local salon and occasionally have them tinted also. I don't know if it's an age thing, but they seem to be getting fairer as I get older ... not thinner, just the colour is changing. Interesting post, Sharron, thanks.

    1. Its stands for High Definition honey. I think it makes a massive difference having them tinted a shade or two darker xx

  7. I thought about having HD brow done last year but chickened out due to price. I have started plucking a little above the eyebrow though to give the cleaner line as when I had them threaded they also did above the brow. My favourite brow pencil is the Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil which costs £2.99. Very interesting post Sharron - good to see it from a therapist point of view. xx

  8. Sorry also meant to say your daughter's 'celebrity brow' looks great! x

    1. Thanks Jenny, I just kind of wanted to prove that any therapist could do it with their own products and techniques. I know it's nice to advertise the actual HD brand and I am sure if courses had been held down here in the south and weren't so expensive I probably would have done it. Apparently the kit costs and arm and a leg also. x

  9. Great post...I will stick to threading!! Completely off topic, but have you tried the NARS Radiant creamy concealer. I've read it's meant to be amazing and just wondered what you thought? x

    1. Hi Kat no sorry I haven't tried the Nars concealer I'm a YSL girl but might try this one next time if it is that good. I will investigate x

  10. Hi there!! Although I've never plucked or waxed my eyebrows at all I found your post so interesting and enjoyable and to be honest it looks like with your experience you would do a better job than these HD Brow technicians anyway. Your standard price and celebrity brow price seem very reasonable indeed and your daughters brow really looks very


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx