Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Great Dance Clothing for Kids on a Budget.


Before developing a passion for dance classes, children find positive role models among world famous dancers and performers such as Beyonce who recently gave a statement performance at the Super Bowl balancing energetic urban dance movements with dazzling vocals to hot r’n’b tunes.

Young dancer’s big dream
While show-stopping performances may be way ahead in the future, it’s necessary to start training at an early age to make an impact in the world of showbiz. Yes, there are a lot of young dancers dreaming to become world famous performers but there’re many steps one has to take to achieve this major goal. Attending dance classes regularly is one of them.

Dressing for dance classes
Ask any young dancer about the importance of ballet clothes for kids and they’ll probably say that proper dancewear is all about style and comfort. Unfortunately, not all families can afford expensive apparel, especially in this economy when people try to cut down on everything. The good news is that one doesn’t have to be a Rockefeller to dress in style for dance classes.

File:Leotard ballet.jpg

Buy online
Doing thorough research on the web may help find great deals on brand dancewear. A lot of online retailers sell dancewear by Capezio, Pineapple, Bloch, Plume, Roch Valley and other brands, sometimes with 50% off.  A cotton spandex round front and back neckline tank leotard by Bloch for just £6.10 can make a young ballerina happy.

Ask for lost and found items
All dance studios and schools have lost and found items baskets where one can find dancewear items in a fairly good condition including dance shoes, leg warmers, ballet tights, socks, etc. Talk to the trainer or the studio owner about the possibility to have a look at the lost items before they take out the basket.

File:Galina Ulanova's pointe shoes 01 by shakko.jpg

Upgrade and reuse
Join an online dance community and ask older dancers if they have small items you can use. If somebody is not going to use a pair of old pointe shoes anymore, you can always re-use the ribbons and elastics so don’t give up on used dancewear without having a closer look.
Lack of money on dancewear is definitely not the reason to quit. It’s talent, effort and attitude that count, not stylish clothes and shoes. 

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