Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hot New Jewellery: Bex Rox Bracelets.

Spanish-born designer Bex Manners brings a unique take on globe-trotting jet-set style. Less of the gap-year market wanderer, and more about glorious jewels and vibrant colours, against sunkissed skin. Bex’s years of exploring have taken here across South East Asia, Australia and South America. The wide expanse of stunning natural landscapes and buzzing urban centres imbued her with a love of vibrant cultures, rich textures and dazzling colours, all played together in a creative and distinct contemporary style. Taking inspiration from a world of sources, she combines these to great effect with an innovative and refreshing look.

Bex’s years as a stylist have honed her sharp eye even further. Her latest bracelet collection is all about making a bold and confident statement – combining rock and roll glamour with a modern edge, using well-considered and timeless designs. Her use of contrasting materials – from tough metals and luxurious gold plated finishes – plus soft suede and jewel-toned satin, add texture and interest, making these ideal to add a high fashion element to your everyday outfits.

Gold Plated Jesse Cuff  Bex Rox 2

The range of plaited cuffs combine heavy industrial looks with traditional handicrafts. Gold plated details add sleek shine and glamour, while a dulled gunmetal finish brings a welcome touch of grit. Perfect to dress down summer gowns with a toughened touch, or add a flourish of glitter to a casual look. Interwoven with pale suede, the White Suede Cuff is a novel take on the monochrome trend and would be the perfect partner to a bold mono shift dress.

Eivissa Cuff Bex Rox 2

For an exotic dose of colour, we love the Eivissa Cuff – with a double weave combining deep purple satin ribbon and polished gunmetal, it’s a bold, eye-catching look that will take even the plainest denim and tee combo to another level.

Fluoro Gunmetal Gina Bracelet Bex Rox 2

The BexRox bracelet range also picks up on the fluoro trend – another big hit for summer, with a thick gunmetal and fluoro woven bracelet. With a boxy metallic closure, these are far from fine and dainty – and will give an industrial feel to a sleek, minimalist outfit. Pair with black skinnies and a white oversized tee and blazer to show it off to maximum effect.

Friendship Bracelet Bex Rox 2

The Bex Rox range of friendship bracelets is another big favourite of ours. Coming in a rainbow of colours, these combine the simplicity of colour and polish in a dainty bracelet – perfect as gifts - but so covetable, you’re bound to want to take one in each colour for yourself. With a magnetic closure, they’re easy to wear, and a gold-plated finish gives these friendship bracelets a luxe look. Piled on in layers, they make a great impact – but they're equally versatile on their own. They’re selling out fast though – so grab these lustworthy bracelets while you still can!


  1. Thank you for the steer to Oasis the other day. I got a pair of Acne Pistol lookalike boots for £25 reduced from £68, a bargain in anyone's book. They only had size 41 left-my size so it was a no-brainer. My 57 year old self feels dead trendy!

  2. I do like a bracelet or two. Also like the photo of your family & the pugs. Very cute!

  3. Gorgeous bracelets! Another lovely designer I'd not heard of before so thank you for sharing, Avril x


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