Thursday, 14 February 2013

Trollbeads: In Tune With Spring 2013 Jewellery Trends.

Whether you are trying to follow the latest trends or just love beautiful jewellery, stylish Spring 2013 pieces created by top jewellery designers may complement your personal style in a unique way. For an impeccable Spring 2013 style, get inspired by new ideas, materials and shapes used by designers to create their collections.

Get inspired by nature
The natural theme in jewellery is still popular. Investing in a few nature-themed jewellery pieces is an easy way to stay trendy for several seasons. Have a look at the recent Trollbeads collection featuring strong natural motifs. Beads in blue, brown, red, and raspberry tones as well as bright yellow, orange, and pink items are presented in a range of shapes like coral branches, seahorses, dolphins, and butterflies.

Go for tribal touches
Don’t be afraid of tribal influences in spring 2013 as crystal bright jewellery with strong tribal influences is the dominant trend. Large statement pieces featuring colourful beads, ropes and leather help create an ethnic look reminiscent of jewellery of the 80ies yet boast a sharp modern edge. Consider Luck and Joy bracelets consisting of glass beads in teal, warm pink, light purple, red, etc.

Think bold and bright
If you are not colour-shy, select jewellery in bold and bright colours. The official bright of the approaching spring is neon yellow while trendy jewellery with tribal touches is also expected to be about such tones as nectarine, lemon zest, poppy red, emerald, linen, grayed jade, dusk blue, etc. Choose jewellery in bright red like the Red Symmetry bead if you want to turn heads of fashionistas during the upcoming season. Opt for Beach Ball glass beads if you love mixing brights.

Fall in love with prints
African and animal prints are not going away any time soon. While the most popular animal print is snakeskin, African prints and colour schemes are also used in beads to create statement jewellery. A mix of coloured murano glass beads is a great way to go.
As you can see, there are plenty of ideas to get inspired to be stylish in spring 2013. Buying colourful beads to create personalised bracelets allows staying trendy without sacrificing your unique style.

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