Friday, 8 March 2013

Something for the weekend - Chanel Blooms, Desirable Travel Wallets and some delicious M&S food.

Thank God it's Friday!  Seriously tired, lots of work this week since I introduced the shellac nail polish system to my clients. Add to this too many late nights and very early mornings, means I literally can not wait to go to bed tonight. Talk about wishing your life away!

So, incase you weren't aware (yeah right) Sunday is Mothers Day!  Not sure I am quite so excited about it this year as my eldest is away in Manchester this weekend for a friends birthday although she assures me she should be back about teatime and my other two girls are at their Dad's this weekend. Yes I know it sounds crazy that they are in their early twenties and still go every other weekend the same as if they were still ten or something! Oh well I suppose it's nice really although again not so good for me, nice for their Step Mum though......
Anyhow I digress, so just me, OH and the boy during the day on Sunday and I have to report that OH has really pushed the boat out for me this year by instructing middle daughter to pick up the M&S Mother's Day Meal Deal on her lunch hour today. Don't get me wrong I am not taking the p*** but am seriously excited because I love M&S food, don't have it very often as the nearest store is about 20 miles away and have you seen that hot pudding with a gooey fudge filled centre on the TV?

If I could chose how to spend my day it would be in London making my first stop at the Chanel pop up shop in Covent Garden.  I find it hard to believe I still haven't managed to visit this shrine to all that is Chanel beauty, can you imagine me in amongst the nail colours? Fortunately for those of us who didn't get to go their last autumn the shop is now (thankfully) a permanent fixture and if you are like me and adore gorgeous blooms, then the Mother's Day flower stall would be a must see. It is not a functioning flower stall as such but one featuring the flowers used in their scents although if you buy a 100ml perfume you will receive a hand tied posy of flowers.


Next stop would be off for lunch followed by a spot of shopping and although I mentioned last week how much I would love a pair of Sheepskin Slippers, another luxury item that cropped up on my radar last week was this gorgeous travel wallet from Aspinal of London. I saw it in a gorgeous shade of bright orange which sadly they don't appear to have online although a little tweeting and the company confirmed it will soon be live in this colour too.  The beauty of this, beside being ultra glam, is the saving you make when you buy the whole thing together which I think is about £50 if I can remember what the sales assistant told me. So chic compared to a Thomas Cook blue nylon effort my daughter gave me, not that I'm ungrateful or anything!

Classic Plain Travel Collection in Pink Lizard & Smooth Pink - Aspinal of London
Buy here.

This weeks round - up of discount codes includes:-

Asos - 10% off until 9am tomorrow (Saturday) using code International10 at checkout here.

Karen Millen - mid season sale here.

Coast - mid season sale here.

Cath Kidston - mid season sale here.

Also a few good magazine freebies in the April glossies!


Free Neals Yard Bee Lovely hand cream worth £10 with Marie Claire (£3.70).


Free with April's Glamour magazine a Percy & Reed hair product (choice of four) worth approx £10 (magazine only £2).


Cosmopolitan have an Elemis freebie (choice of three) each worth between £8 and £10. You can also get a £15 mini facial by sending off the coupon inside the mag.

Here's hoping you all have a lovely Mother's Day!

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  1. I didn't know about the Chanel pop up, it is beautiful, but I am too lazy to get to Covent Garden!

  2. I love the Chanel pop-up store its just so lovely. I keep seeing that M&S pudding, I am going to have to get one! Hope you have a lovely day on Sunday!xx

  3. Love that photo with all the flowers! Enjoy your weekend and the M&S food:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Thanks for all the offer codes as always Sharron and for the freebie tip-offs. I can vouch for the Neal's Yard handcream. Fabulous stuff and chemical and mineral oil free so will not dry your skin in the long term like other handcreams do. Well worth the cover price of Marie Claire! Avril xx

  5. Happy Mothers Day Sharron. Hope you get both the wallet and the slippers.
    I used to love treating myself to a little M & S food plus of course wine and a pud! Oh well some sacrifices have to be made for sunshine!

  6. Oh how I envy you those gifts with magazines! The rest of Europe pays three times more for those magazines and without the gifts. I'd gladly move to England just for those GWP. Oh, wait, maybe not, because of the weather, but still.. :-)

  7. Great heads up Sharronn thanks. I got the Percy & Reed shampoo but fancy that hand cream too!

  8. Love the idea of the bunch of flowers when you buy the perfume. How gorgeous. I've got the Neals Yard handcream but I cannot bring myself to buy Cosmopolitan to get the Elemis moisturiser. I have to get over my mindset that all Cosmo do is write about sex - and the front cover is not helping one bit.

    However, I am rather partial to a bit of the old M&S food. Yum.

  9. Now that does sound like a lovely day - want to go to that Chanel shop too! x

  10. The travel wallet is gorgeous and so practical too. I've just bought Marie Claire and I'm so pleased with the hand cream. Enjoy mother's Day!

  11. M&S food sounds like a winner to me. Most restaurants are pretty terrible on Mother's Day, so your OH is a wise man! Enjoy the day & hope your girls get back to you at some stage on Sunday.

  12. I can so identify with the seriously tired late night/early morning thing Sharron - end of the week migraine today so not even done my blog post - never mind it'll keep! The M&S meal sounds like a treat to me and the Chanel pop up sounds wonderful! Have bought the Glamour with Percy & Reed (wouldn't you have guessed!). Have a lovely day Sunday! x

  13. I hope you have an enjoyable day on Sunday hun. Thanks for all the codes and the magazine offers, I do like a freebie!

    X x

  14. Hi my dear! Wishing you a happy Mothers day and hope you all enjoy the M&S meal, it does sound so delicious! xxx

  15. I love dropping by from time to time and tried to follow you on twitter, but your link doesn't work.

    1. I know, so annoying and I can't find that gadget online to update my info! I'll have to find a new one! should do it! xx

  16. Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for the great tips.

  17. I got that googyey pudding is salted caramel and chocolate torte and it actually sold out when my OH went to buy it yesterday (but he did one!) Have a lovely day today xxx


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