Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Four Ways To Steal The (Fashion) Show At Your Christmas Party

Christmas parties, whether it’s with family, friends or the office festive gathering, all demand something special – from the formal sit down meal right through to the stand-out dress code. But with everyone donning their best and making the utmost effort, it can be difficult to make an impression with something truly memorable.

This guest post aims to run through what areas of your outfit you need to focus on to make the biggest impression and attract attention at your Christmas parties this year.

1. Maximise With A Midi Dress
Midi dresses have been everywhere the last year or so, and with good reason – in addition to the really well designed dresses that are available, perfect for the stylish formal Christmas party, midi dresses have the potential to be incredibly flattering for making that big first impression.

The skirts are the ideal length for flattering your legs (great if you’re tall!), and the fitted nature of the material makes for something nice and slimming too. Ruffles, lace or sequins are all good choices from a style point of view, and are all over the high street this year.

2. Style Some Luscious Locks
It’s all good and well focussing on your outfit, but you need to give some attention to yourself as well – helping your own appearance complement and add to the style of your outfit will go a long way to standing out!
Simple curls can be a great choice for a different ‘do if you normally stick to straight, but if you’re one of these people who finds that they’ll fall out within ten minutes of you arriving then why not try something else? A rose bun is an elegant alternative – we know it might be something you do to just keep the hair out of your face on those lazy days but, if done right, it can look rather exquisite. Search “rose bun tutorial” on YouTube for some ‘how to’s – there are plenty of ‘walkthrough’ videos that show you far better than the written word ever could!


3. Stand Out With Stylish Shoes
Shoes can be a tricky one – do you match your dress, bag, belt…? Whatever you go with, armed with a midi dress heels are absolute must to help lengthen your legs and really maximise the effect of the midi. Ensuring the shoes how a low colour contrast with the colour of your legs can help to do this as well – it’s the golden rule of shoes when your legs are out!

Nude, light and even metallic coloured heels can all work well – what colour exactly depends on your dress and other accessories, and the style is dictated by what you like. Ultimately, follow those basic rules and just choose something you love!

4. Accessorise With A Stunning Stone
What good is an outfit without any accessories? For those elegant formal parties, we’d recommend something simple yet stylish – with formal jewellery, less is more! A minimalistic white or yellow gold diamond necklace can be a great way to complete something with a low or laced neck, whereas something similar in a bracelet would work better for something a little more conservative – quality is important so use a reputable jeweller, such as Ipswich-based Robert Gatward Jewellers, to make sure your accessories are exquisite.

With you hair up, too, silver or gold earrings (depending on your outfit and your own tastes in jewellery) can be perfect for adding something up top.

Armed with these ideas, areas and tips it’s time to get shopping – with just days until Christmas, those festive parties are sure to be looming even closer. Whether it’s online or on the high street, now’s the perfect time to pick up your outfit and steal the show at your next party!

This guest post was written by Tom McShane – festive blogger and writer for Robert Gatward Jewellers, who stock a wide range of platinum, gold and silver jewellery both online and from their Ipswich-based stores.


  1. Some superb tips Sharon.....just wish I had a Christmas party to go to!! My work 'do' was so didn't even warrant me dressing up :o(
    I've never really got dressed up Christmas day either, I'm beginning to feel like I'm missing out! x

  2. That necklace is gorgeous! :)


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