Thursday, 5 December 2013

Gift Guide - Teenage Boys

Beats by Dr Dre £169. Grey Marl Fairisle Onsie £25-£31. Shaun White Skateboard £50. . Call of  Duty Ghosts for XBox £40. Animal Hoody £45. Harrods oversized watch £29.95. Bjorn Borg 3 pack boxer shorts £35. Vans Old Skool Back Pack £30. Jack Wills Hat and Scarf Set £39.50. Understand Rap Book £8. Remote Control Ferrari £37.50.  Desktop Mini Football Table £10. Ted Baker 30ml EDT Spray £19.95. Pringle 3 pack sock gift set £15. Iphone 5 Kick Ass phone cover £8. Vans Chain Wallet £20

Not the easiest age group or gender to shop for as lots of what boys of this age actually want, seems to cost a fortune i.e. iphone 5c, ipad air and xbox games at £40 a go, which can certainly leave anybody other than the child's parents or those with budget under £50 in a bit of a quandary.  As soon as I looked at my own sons list and did a scout around on the internet, I began to realise why so many readers had got in touch about a gift guide for this particular demographic, so I have done my best and sorry it's a bit late, I always plan to have all my gift guides finished by the end of November but it never works out!
So if you have a nephew, grandson or are looking for lots of smaller gifts for your teenage son, then hopefully there is something here for every budget.
Happy Shopping!

What does your teenage boy have on his Christmas List?


  1. Well done!! The hardest age and gender I think!! I am struggling with my boys this year! They are out of the lego stage and I am not spending a fortune on new laptops and expensive keyboards and gaming stuff every year so I then get stuck! Love the ruck sack and the headphones - theyd go for them for sure! XX

  2. Really useful thanks and they don't get any easier as they grow up either! xx

  3. Hi my dear!! Your Charlie and my Robert are only a year or so apart so this list is very relevant, lol! He already has the Call of Duty and the X Box one which was a Christmas/Birthday present and also well, well over budget so he will only get something tiny for under the tree! Some really good gift ideas here, I may get him some EDT spray or a book!! xxx

  4. Definitely not the easiest to shop for Sharron and yes - everything they want costs the earth these days! Some great ideas here - I can see several items my boy would like - especially those headphones! xx


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx