Monday, 2 December 2013

Gift Of The Day: Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Slippers

It seems like years since I first put a pair of sheepskin slippers on my Christmas wishlist.  The sad thing is, nobody ever buys them for me.  I usually get a faux fur pair that end up in the wheelie bin after I have trod in some doggie "do do" whilst attempting to hang the washing out (you just can't get the staff these days). Not that I am ungrateful, I just lust after the luxurious feeling of lounging around the house with my feet enclosed in a pair of sheepskin beauties.

You can therefore imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Shepherd of Sweden, a manufacturer of sheepskin slippers who are now stocked at Jones Bootmaker offering to send me an early Christmas present, I would have been a fool to say no!

Apart from the super cute festive packaging, the delightful look book, notebook, sheepskin slipper keyring and two of the cutest tins of delicious biscuits, I have to say my bootie style "Lena" slippers were a joy to behold.  I couldn't quite believe that finally I have my much wanted slippers and that warm feet and cosy toes are the way forward from now on. I have seriously been wearing boots in the house on a few of the coldest days recently, but not any more!

I quickly put them on for a photo opportunity and luckily a sick 13 year old was perfectly placed on the opposite sofa to take a few snaps of my snuggly sheepskin beauties and courtesy of the literature I was sent, I have learnt so much more about sheepskin and how it naturally contains the fat "lanolin" often used in beauty products for its healing powers. How it is naturally antibacterial and would prevent bedsores if you laid on it constantly and that it also contains a natural temperature control, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Perfect no?

The sheepskin is super soft and the comfort factor second to none, I am beyond grateful to Shepherd for my early Christmas present and to read they are also washable could be considered a massive "Brucie Bonus"! I was told that the style I had chosen "Lena" does come up generously, so to size down and my true to size, size 6 feet fit perfectly into the 5.

Shepherd Jessica Full SlippersShepherd Lena Full SlippersShepherd Emmy Full Slippers

With styles for both men and women and all currently reduced at Jones Bootmaker here there couldn't be a better time to give the gift of sheepskin this Christmas.

Do you have sheepskin slippers on your wishlist?


  1. Fabulous - I want a pair. They look the best ever xx

  2. They look great but I hate slippers.
    My husband hates it but I prefer wearing shoes in the house. I have my indoor shoes!

  3. Hi there! ooh so gorgeous, they look really cosy and love how they cover the ankles too xx

  4. Ooh my those slippers look so comfy & warm Sharron just perfect! xx

  5. They look amazingly cosy and comfy! Very luxurious indeed x

  6. Sharron I am so envious - these look marvellous! Warm feet and cosy toes are all I ever want in winter. Never realised sheepskin had so many benefits! x

  7. Hi Sharron. Great blog you've got here. I'm new to this blogging lark but really love it! Even though I find some of it a little difficult and confusing! Love this post and love my slippers, so I now have to have some sheepskin for my feet too!!!! They're definitely on my Xmas wish list.

  8. LOL!! Please don't step in you know what in these beauties Sharron! I'm so glad someone heard your pleas & you finally got what you wanted! Ax


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