Friday, 13 December 2013

How To Choose The Ultimate Watch To Give This Christmas

A good quality watch can make a great gift for the man in your life, or even a friend or family member. They combine practicality with style; they have a real, sensible purpose, and they can be used as the ultimate fashion accessory too. Your recipient can wear it every day, or save it for special occasions dependent on the style. Yes, a watch really can make the perfect gift for anyone. But not just any watch. There are a host of different watch manufacturers and styles available on the market today, ranging from modern, sporty designs to classic, elegant styles. Which one is right for your loved ones? The team at Francis & Gaye Jewellers show you the way to choose the perfect watch for everyone in your life.

The Sports Fan
For years, the timekeeping industry has had close links with the sporting industry due to the importance of timing and precision in sport. Just a few seconds can make the difference between victory and defeat. So, although a watch might not be the first present you would think of for a sports fan, it can make a great gift. Oris is a great watch manufacturer to consider for sports fans. They’ve been working in partnership with the Williams Formula 1 racing team since 2003, and have recently released a Williams F1 Team watch, perfect for petrolheads. They also offer a fantastic range of watches for swimmers and divers. Alternatively, try the Rotary Aquaspeed, a professional instrument for swimmers which is 100% waterproof.

The King of Bling
If you’re buying for a man who is a little more extroverted, you probably want a watch which is a bit more of a show-stopper. Michael Kors offer some flamboyant fashion choices in the style of watches in rose gold. Or, for those who really love their timepieces with some extra bling, Tag Heur and Longines offer some lines which are set with real diamonds. He’d have to be very special though, as diamond set watches are not easy on the purse strings!

The Gadget Man
We all know one – that guy who is obsessed with keeping up with the latest technology, who loves tinkering with things and has countless pointless gadgets lying around at all times. Whether it’s your husband, brother or son, the perfect present for a gadget man is an item which utilises technology to help enrich his life. Casio are a great choice here, offering watches with a host of additional features which help improve functionality. The features available include a chronograph, perpetual calendar, date display and much more. Tissot are another brand to watch for technology enthusiasts; they’ve always been one step ahead of their time, having produced the first ever touch screen watch in 1999.

The Sophisticated Gentleman
Every sophisticated fellow needs a good watch adorning his wrist. Whether he is a city business man, or a country man of leisure, choose a simple watch with sleek, elegant lines and it’s sure to become an everyday essential for him. We’d recommend looking at Longines, a tradition Swiss watchmakers who are known for producing timelessly classic watches. Their Master and Le Grande Classique collections are ideal for the more refined man in your life. Alternatively, try TW Steel or DKNY, who also feature some simple but stylish designs.


  1. I don't think you can go wrong with Michael Kors watches. I absolutely love mine...

  2. My husband collects watches, all I here about is watches lol. Christopher Ward and steinhart are well worth looking into if you are buying for a man with good taste and a keen eye for design!

  3. I love the rose gold MK one! Its gorgeous! I have an old Tag I've had for years & need a new battery for it! I need to save my pennies & get it up & running again in the New Year! Ax


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