Monday, 16 December 2013

In December.................

I treat myself to new pyjamas to wear to bed in on Christmas Eve

I always buy something new for the Christmas tree and after years of using various coloured stars, we now have a fairy!

I like to fill the house with festive fragrance.  This year it's the Ralph Lauren Holiday candle, simply divine and now a firm favourite.

I drink a Poinsettia cocktail or two.

Ingredients (makes 8-10 glasses)

1 x 75cl bottle of fizzy dry white wine, chilled.
125ml Contreau, Grand  Marnier or Triple Sec, chilled
500ml cranberry juice, chilled


Mix all ingredients together in a jug and pour into cocktail glasses or champagne flutes. #teamnigella

I always paint my nails red.

I always try to grab a day out in London to gaze lovingly at the Christmas windows in all my favourite places.

And of course to check out the designer decorated tree in Claridges foyer.

I take time to curl up on the sofa with a Christmas film.

I make an effort to go out in heels no matter how hard I find it.

What do you do in December?


  1. Ah, this is such a great post. I always love seeing what traditions other people do at the holidays. I'm also all about having red nails, watching Christmas movies and getting new pajamas to wear on Christmas eve - that has been a tradition in my family since I was a little kid.


  2. You are so good and festive! I watch xmas dvds with the kids and have a sing along to the old xmas cds. Our festive trip to London will be soon and I hope we'll be able to do a lot walking which is something I find really helps this month. My December must do is sorting out the kids stuff at least and if I only get a bit of it done, I know it's a bonus when the New Year arrives :-)

  3. I want to do all of the above! Always buy a new Xmas DVD and a new tree decoration, every year! Nails are red also and I'm hoping for a day out in London for my birthday (early Jan). Great post Sharon x

  4. I have booked my nails and after Thursday when my son gets back form university I will be curling up watching Christmas Films - Elf, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street and It's A
    Wonderful Life while eating and drinking far too much.
    What's not to love?

  5. know how to do an amazing Christmas and I am going to take a leaf or 2 from your book as you have some super special traditions x

  6. it has to be red nails for December!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos Sharron....will definitely try that cocktail:)
    ~Anne xx

  8. I'm liking this new pyjamas tradition more and more. I should have got some today when I was in M&S and with the 20% off. Mind you, I couldn't carry any more if I tried.

  9. Such gorgeous photos and traditions. (Wouldn't mind one of those cocktails now!) We always go out for lunch on Xmas Eve ... there's always Xmas cds playing ... there's always champagne on Xmas morning ... I think I may steal your idea of new pjs!!

  10. What a great post. I really like Christmas traditions and you have some good ones going on here.
    ps. Thats a lovely fleck of glitter in the red NP btw

  11. Love the PJs and nails Sharron - you're making me feel very festive. I might just have to try out that cocktail - sounds right up my street! I went out in ridiculous (for me) heels the other night and could hardly walk by the end of the evening - sporting a huge blister too - nice!

  12. Fab Christmas traditions Sharron. We have quite a few traditions too including always getting a new decoration for our tree & taking a picture of our son putting the fairy on the top of the tree. Although this year he's now nearly as tall as the tree so gone are the days of having to lift him up so he can reach :-( Jane xx

  13. Some amazing traditions you have. They make Christmas all that extra special I find. I haven't made it to London yet and its looking like I might not fit it in this side of Christmas, never mind.

    X x

  14. Love this post...and I do all of the above in December too! Your nails are fab, I wanted that Shellac colour at the weekend but it was gone! :(

  15. I love the idea of new pyjamas for Christmas Eve, I might pinch this idea if that's ok. I love curling up with a good Christmas film too and always buy a new decoration for the tree every year. :-)

  16. Love this post! I love all your December traditions & the new PJs one is something I plan on doing next year! The kids recently got new ones so they will be off to bed wearing them Xmas eve! I just have to try one of those cocktails! Ax

  17. Is that a pug I spy on the tree?! Lol! Ax

  18. Ha! Couldn't agree more on the heels, I walk like an ageing Dame Edna, but always try at Xmas!


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx