Sunday, 12 January 2014

Scrumptious Sheepskin From Morlands

Although the country has been battered by storms recently I can't help but think it hasn't really been that cold here. Yet. OK so I've had the heating on a few times every day, just to take the chill off but I don't put it on until I'm really freezing, luckily I haven't needed to as I have got a new pair of slippers to keep my tootsies extra toasty.

Now I love a British Heritage brand me, incase you didn't know.  So when Morlands (who have been making slippers in Glastonbury since 1870) got in touch and offered to send me a pair of luxury sheepskin slippers, with the thought of sub zero temperatures and snow still to come (we will surely at some stage) it was a no brainer really.

Socks and slippers are one of the best ways to keep warm indoors but with a pair of Morlands sheepskin slippers who needs the socks, because I just love the feel of sheepskin against my skin, no socks required!

I opted for an open backed mule style as I have been wearing closed in slippers lately and they are such a pain when you try to put them on in the middle of the night, in the dark, to go to the bathroom, I have always been a mule kind of girl, now I know why!

The other thing I really love about these slippers is the sturdy non slip sole.  We have decking right across the back of our house and in winter it is so slippery, I have fallen over a couple of times due to inappropriate footwear and the need to go out to the wheelie bin.  So that is another problem solved.

Do go and check out Morlands if you are looking for sturdy sheepskin slippers or boots, or perhaps some luxurious gloves or cashmere scarves. Having worn mine for the last couple of weeks I can give an honest review and say they really are worth it, oh and their winter sale is now on so you can find my slippers reduced from £54 to just £39. Now that's what I call a bargain!


  1. Oh I'm in my sheepskin today and don't want to take them off! I have to say once you get sheepskin slippers, you'll never go back to synthetic ones. Wait till you wear these in the summer - they will keep your feet cool! Magic stuff :) Ax

  2. Loving the idea of sheepskin slippers Sharron, much more appealing & warm than my simple ballerina style from good old M&S....heading off to check them out as like you say snow is bound to put in an appear soon!!! Jane xx

  3. Now there is little to the style BUT who cares - they tick every box for me in terms of what a slipper is meant to be - warm and practical - I LOVE THEM!

  4. Love the sound of these Sharron -if I show this post to my hubby I'm pretty sure he'd buy some for me! My feet are like blocks of ice and as you say it's not really been sub zero yet - although I have had the heating on as I'm so nesh! x

  5. They look so toasty Sharron! Great that they have the sturdy sole so you can wear them outside....I've ruined some slippers lately thinking the soles were going to be ok outside so I am taking myself off to have a better look at these! x

  6. I could do with a pair today Sharron as my feet are freezing!! Hope you have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx


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