Monday, 6 January 2014

Dress Dilemma

It may seem a little early to start talking summer weddings but as mother of the bride, people have already started asking if I have my outfit.  Don't they think, like every mum in the land, I've been a tad busy for the last six weeks? I have been somewhat set on the idea of having a dress made, I have a sketch of what I want, there is no way I'm doing blousey mumsy frump, no siree.

In spite of my dress plan, there are a couple of things to consider, 1. how much will the total cost be and 2. would it just be easier to buy a designer dress in the sales?

When it comes to wedding attire, although I love the idea of skirt and top to make a change from a dress, it will always be a dress for me personally, I don't do skirts often and the other thing about the dresses I choose, they have to be patterned and more than likely, floral.  I like being able to pick up a colour from a multi-coloured fabric for my shoes and accessories.  I see other people looking lovely in block colours but they are not for me personally, not for a wedding anyway.

After this post was initially drafted, I got the number of a local dressmaker who ironically has given up dressmaking and now does just alterations but assures me that it would cost me far more to get a dress made than to pick up a designer number in the sales. So it's back to the drawing board on that one then.

I have seen a couple online that I quite like but I am not sure that I like then enough, not sure that they are different enough.  I wouldn't hesitate normally but it is my daughters wedding and I can't get this damn vision of what I want out of my head, which of course, isn't out there anywhere on planet earth!

A lot of what I do like is out of budget even in the sale, scrolling through NAP falling in love with something only to find it's by Valentino and cost's more than my daughters actual wedding dress GAH!

This Diane Von Furstenburg at Matches ticks a few of my multi-coloured boxes and half price at £162.


I love the prints that Saloni uses and was thinking that I could possibly get this made into a short sleeved dress. I particularly like the idea of the pink beaded shoulders (difficult to see in picture above) and waistband detail on this silk jersey option again half price at Matches currently £169.


This Maxmara Studio floral dress is an excellent price with 50% off at only £127 but I really must have sleeves on this occasion.

Nina Ricci - Print silk dress - GmbH

Love, love, love this Nina Ricci, perfect print, length and short sleeves but sadly too expensive at £570 and not in my size anyway. Gutted.

Buy Hoss Intropia Mix Lace Dress, Multi Online at

I've liked this Hoss Intropia dress from John Lewis for some time but not sure about the black and it goes against all the things I feel I want in a dress for the wedding, it must be the massive reduction that's reeling me in! Was £253 now £101.20!

I don't know why I didn't think of  looking for a dress in the sales when they started, there would have been more of what I like in my size and budget, sadly there really isn't a lot now.
Lets hope the summer sales start early, the weddings on 27th June.

Have you shopped ahead for any weddings you have this year in the sales?


  1. MOG OR MOB dresses are very difficult to find; either too vaavoom or frumpy for my tastes. I also considered having one made but IF it didn't turn out to be what I wanted or wasn't flattering then what would I do ? I finally found a Tadashi off the rack dress (my budget did not include designer options) navy lace with nude lining. Good Luck w/your search. I devoted a few posts on my blog to my MOG dress shopping:

  2. Thanks Nancy I'll drop by when I get a mo x

  3. Oh that's tricky. Such a special occasion, so it has to be right. I like the first one best, but clearly none of these are really ticking all the boxes for you? What about somewhere like Bicester (is that miles from you?) I know a pal of mine who got an exquisite dress for a special occasion in Louise Kennedy shop in Kildare Village for a few hundred (maybe under €300??) - way less than she would have paid in store. Good luck with the search x

    1. Sadly Bicester is too far away Helen although I'd live to go one day xx

    2. Interestingly at BIcester - most of the things are only the same price as in the sale. DVF in particular - Matches sale a yr ago was cheaper than the things there just before Christmas! Right cheek

  4. I love the first one best! Good luck with your search.

  5. The Saloni one is gorgeous, really lovely colours and a great shape, but if you're thinking of altering you can't be 100% about it!

    It's early days yet and there will be plenty of codes to tempt you once the Spring stuff starts arriving in stores! Hang tight.....the perfect dress will come along!! I look forward to seeing what you decide on! x

  6. Oh Sharron I am getting nervous myself thinking about how you must feel....I dread the day I might be in the same boat! lol I agree with Helen, but if you really can't make the trip to Bicester that idea is out! From the ones you have picked I think the first two are gorgeous....great colours and lots of options to match your shoes/sandals and bag/clutch too:) I look forward to seeing what you buy and as I trust your style completely so I'm sure you will look fabulous on Chloes special day!!
    ~Anne xx

  7. Now this is a hard one! I like the Saloni dress best for the colours, print (not too big) and sequin detail. It has enough colours for you to use different accessories with and the style is so flattering - waistband gives it a nice definition and the drape at the neck is lovely. Also the silk jersey will be really comfortable which I think is all important for such an important occasion. For me it ticks all the boxes. I think even elbow length sleeves would be a good versatile length since we're not guaranteed to have warm temperatures in June are we? All the best with your search Sharron! xx

  8. I have mother of the groom outfit to sort out but luckily not till September. I spent a fortune on a dress and hat for my daughters wedding. I did wear both several times afterwards especially the hat.

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  10. a very timely article as i will be MOB as daughter has just gotten engaged and we're in wedding planning mode. The wedding will be an outdoor wedding at home, so not super formal, so that is going to add another dimension to consider for my MOB outfit!

  11. I love the Nina Ricci dress but agree it is way to expensive even for such a special occasion. I was in a similar situation the year before, saw a dress I loved about this time of the year and bought it. Then all the spring/summer designs were released very soon after and I saw so many more that I wish I had waited. I did wear the original dress and received many compliments on it but I learnt a big lesson on patience.
    If you have the time Sharon see what the spring/summer reveals before making a final commitment. Happy hunting.

  12. With reference to the above I feel you'll be one very stylish lady(really like your choices:-)!


  13. ooh I love love love the DVF one and personally think it's most you. June is such a tricky bloody month. Could be cold (last year was freezing at that time - I remember David's 40th and my legs were freezign and goose bumpy!) I would have loved sleeves. Hmmmm second dress is also gorge but I think the shape of the first is more you. Oh decisions decisions.... I'm sure you've seen Matches have free delivery at the mo if that helps....! xxx

  14. Some lovely dresses here Sharron, I can't wait to see what you choose.....I'm sure just like when you choose your wedding dress you'll know 'the one' as soon as you see it. Jane

  15. It's a dilemma alright Sharron but a nice one to have! I actually like the first one, the DVF the best I think. Can't wait to see the final outfit and I agree with Jane above - you'll know it when you see it - like buying a house! Hope you're feeling a bit better xx

  16. I love the first one! What an exciting time :) x

  17. Gah, mother of the bride! That is quite an intense thing to shop for. I always avoid looking at NAP when I actually have something I need to buy because it just makes me miserable since I can't find ANYTHING that I can afford. Have you tried My Wardrobe? They are a bit more reasonable.

    I really don't like the first dress. I think the print/colour is a bit brash. When you look back at the photos the main thing that sticks out shouldn't be the print on your dress. My favourite of the ones you've selected is the second. It's super chic and sophisticated. That's definitely the one I'd go for.

    Can't wait to see what you end up choosing and hope you'll share photos from the big day here.

    I only have one wedding to go to this coming year and it's in March. Haven't found a dress yet but should probably start looking.



Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx