Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gorgeous Givenchy Arm Candy

Funny how a bit like Kenzo, Givenchy is a brand that seemed to drop off the fashion radar for years and then came back, bigger and better than ever and really turned things around due to an awful lot of celebrity endorsement.

I for one got sucked in with a Givenchy tote purchase (above) in last years Harrods winter sale and a worthy investment it has been so far.  I was desperate for a black tote bag and armed with lots of birthday and xmas money (it was hard having literally no presents but Christmas is for kids.......), it has served me well over the past 12 months and will continue to do so for may more to come.

Last summer my youngest daughter was in a mild state of hysteria over another Givenchy, the Antigona tote in gold, which appeared to be exclusive to Harrods and with a price tag much bigger than any 21st birthday budget her two older sisters had been given.  Thank goodness for sales and generous boyfriends (and parents of course), the tote was purchased and hidden away until her birthday in September and continues to be one of her most treasured items, which although gets used for work on a daily basis, still looks completely brand new. I'm sure she only uses it every day so that I don't get my mitt's on it, she needs to remember that every time she borrows my AH glitter clutch for her nights out, I mean fairs fair and all that!

Another piece of Givenchy arm candy that has been on my radar for months now is the Pandora tote above.  I just love the quirky one hand held strap, one shoulder strap detail and the zips toughen it up to give a biker chick edge to a bag that in my opinion, still oozes pure class. So annoying how it is so hard to get a designer bag under £1,000 these days with this one coming in at a completely budget blowing £1090.00!

Just as lust worthy but with a much more affordable (£690) price tag, the mini pandora in grey is perfect for those who prefer a smaller bag.

I would buy this clutch in a heartbeat, so pretty and affordable at only £250. I love the delicate pink florals, perfect for dressing up a blush coloured dress for wedding season and they do the matching heels - simply divine!

Does Givenchy float your boat? Any of their bags on your ultimate wishlist? View the full Givenchy collection at NAP here.


  1. Would you be surprised if I said no? I think the styles do look wonderful on others but not for me. I thought about the mini Pandora, in a slouchy leather except this grey one looks really odd, like one of my kid's lunchboxes when they don't hold it properly! The clutch is great but not in that particular print. I got my first proper clutch and I am truly converted after being so on the fence about them.

  2. As much as I like the Givenchy bags - and particularly the black tote - I could never afford one on my current budget. Luckily there are more affordable but still beautiful bags out there :)

  3. I love the clutch bag, I would be very happy with that.

    X x

  4. I am very jealous of your Givenchy black tote, very classy!! x ..... and it goes with out saying I would love one.... Antigona tote in black x

  5. For me, the tote is utter class and well worth investing in. I loved drooling over all these bags - thank you for brightening up my morning! X

  6. I wouldn't say no to a Givenchy bag that's for sure but at such a large price tag I always think that I could get a lovely leather bag plus a load of clothes for the same price!! I do have a couple of designer bags but rarely use them. I think if I was to buy another I'd go down the route you have taken Sharron & buy a designer bag that is timeless. Jane xx

  7. Your black Givenchy is beautiful Sharron. I like the gold Antigona too. I have a Mulberry or two and I use and enjoy them several times per week. My daughter (12) tries to get her mitts on them! xxx

  8. Love the tote Sharron as it is such a fab classic! Not so sure about the Pandora as I've seen a few celebs with that one and because of the straps it looks as though it's falling off....probably just me but hey.....that thinking has saved me a lot of money! Lol! Go with the classic anyday I say xx

  9. Love Givenchy and your tote is amazeballs. And tell Claudia I told her that you must use her bag!


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