Saturday, 11 January 2014

Steal Her Style - Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker wears a pair of Hunter boots as she walks James Wilke (b. October 28, 2002) to school.

Sarah Jessica Parker has long been a fan of the traditional Hunter boot whether long or short and with her effortless school run/downtime style, gives the heritage brands all weather footwear the NYC seal of approval on an almost daily basis throughout winter, no rain, sleet or snow required.

Sunglasses are of course essential, even with the odd shower forecast and have become her all season signature style staple.  I would feel a complete fool wearing mine in winter but here is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and confident in her outfit choices whether they be on the red carpet or in the playground.  No wonder she tops my list of all time style icons along with her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw who will air again from Season 1 in my bedroom every rainy Sunday afternoon, after all, each year wouldn't be complete if I didn't get the box set out in January to watch all over again. Without it my year just wouldn't be complete!

Slim Leg Joggers £39.50 Hush. Ladies Modern Rain Jacket was £195 now £135. Grey oversized Beanie was £18 now £8 Warehouse. Hunter. Original Short Wellingtons £70 Hunter. D&G Visor Sunglasses £102.

Will you be stealing any elements of SJP's style this winter?


  1. love her and she is such a classy lady Everything looks great on her!

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I love her style too Sharron & like you wish I was comfortable wearing sunglasses when the sun isn't shining as they'd be great for hiding a multitude of sins! Jane xx\

  3. She wears everything so well.

    X x

  4. She always does look confident and comfortable with her fashion choices, if at times a little weird ........ The box set is my guilty pleasure the few times is hubby out and the kids are in bed.... Pure fashion & girlie pleasure. X

  5. I just need her whole wardrobe! I admittedly wear my sunnies all year round (of course when it's a bright day or the sun is shining!), I definitely don't look as stylish as SJP however;)

  6. I could do with taking a few tips from SJP.....she does this laid back casual look so well! She even makes wellies look super cool! xx

  7. Love the hat and jacket although not too sure about the tracksuit bottoms, they look great on her but never look good on me!

  8. She always looks amazing - one seriously stylish lady. I agree that I'd feel a bit of a tool walking around in sunnies during winter, although I often wear them when I'm driving. Does that count?!

  9. Gorgeous - she is a super chic mama. I honestly think I'd look like a farmer's wife if I donned this ensemble but she just makes it work! Ax

  10. Love it. I wear my shades all the time unless its night or too dark to see. I find that they keep me from squinting and my contacts from drying out. Love the short Hunters also. I recently got the tall ones and the short ones are calling my name.


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