Sunday, 9 February 2014

Porter Magazine And Peter Pilotto For Target Launches At NAP

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Good to see my youngest daughter having fun with a couple of the other interns and sporting the LMAO slogan in the photobooth at Net-A-Porter to celebrate the launch of Porter magazine at work on Friday.

The NAP group are boldly going into print, slap bang in the middle of a digital age where many people think the glossy mags as we know them, may in fact struggle to survive. At £5 per copy, the magazine is up there with the likes of Vogue and Harpers and having looked at it yesterday, I can confirm it is the glossiest of glossies (if that makes sense) with page after page of the hottest catwalk trends and style inspiration.  

You can purchase an annual subscription which comprises of six copies delivered straight to your door with free access to the digital edition or just order a single copy here. We don't do valentines gifts in this house (too old for all that) but if we did, a subscription to this would be right up there with champagne truffles, roses and perfume, so be sure to nudge your other half in the right direction and have something you can enjoy all year round!

Peter Pilotto for Target Floral-print canvas sneakers

If bold prints and designer collaborations are your thing then you will be pleased to hear that Peter Pilotto for Target launched at Net-A-Porter this morning.  With two daughters poised at their laptops waiting for the range to go live, a few things have been ordered which I can't wait to see in real life.

Peter Pilotto for Target Printed stretch-matelass√© dress

Prices are really reasonable, much better than some we have seen on the high street recently and the holiday range of sunglasses, beach towels and swimsuits are just as inviting as pretty crepe dresses at £40 and the floral canvas slip on sneakers (£30) will be replacing the £100 leopard print ones on your wishlist for sure. Shop the collection here.

Have you bought the magazine or something from the Peter Pilotto collection for Target yet?


  1. I love these dresses, but unfortunately am a little past wearing them, I keep thinking about the film 'Whatever happened to Mary Jane?' when ever I get close to a skater style skirt!
    I tried to find the Net mag yesterday, but I don't know if it has made it outside of London.

    1. If the one with a frill hem had sleeves, it would have been mine! Try Tesco or WH Smith for the Porter magazine we have it locally, if not it will have to be online x

  2. I got sent a complimentary copy yesterday. I stopped buying any magazines since 2010 and whilst it was really nice to indulge in reading such a tome - it's huge - I found some of the articles and spreads a bit catalogue-y? I expected it to be a bit more consistent but hey, at the end of the day it's a means to the end of selling their clothes on NAP. Cynical? Moi? OK just a tad :-) Part of it may be that I'm old enough to have seen the 80's/90's shoots the first time around - lol!

  3. Lovely picture of your daughter Sharron & I'm loving the bright colours in the collection. I will definitely have to check out the magazine too! Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. Oooh thank you for highlighting this! My Mum is in LA at the moment so I'm going to get her to Target to buy before she leaves tomorrow - whoop whoop!


  5. I seem to be late to the Peter Pilotti collaboration - just as well really, as my wallet is empty this month. But will def browse for fun! Gorgeous pic of your daughter

  6. How lucky is your daughter working there!!
    I will have a hunt for Porter as it looks really interesting. Does it wholly concentrate on fashion/style, or does it go wandering off on lifestyle/celebrity? (lifestyle/celebrity does my head in haha!!( I know, I'm not their market demographic anyway :0) )
    I think the Peter Pilotto collab looks really good - bright prints are sooo good

  7. Hi there!! That's a lovely photo of your daughter, great to see she has fun at work! Loving the target collab, the print on the dress is gorgeous! xx

  8. It is pretty much the mix most glossies have but agree with you, I'd like a magazine that was pure fashion!

  9. The magazine subscription for a Valentines gift is a truly genius idea Sharron or for any other celebration now I come to think about it!! Your daughter looks so cool in the pic.....stylishness obviously runs in the family!

    Do love the Peter Pilotto pumps but I am definately still hanging out for the Kurt Geiger Laurel's!! xx

  10. Lovely photo Sharron and I like the mix of colours in that collection. Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  11. It's a lovely collection, albeit a little young for my tastes, but must admit to loving the tote, I think it is a perfect holiday bag, so am a little tempted by this...

  12. Love your daughters cover (and love her job too!) I snapped up a few items yesterday, would love to know what you think :)


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