Sunday, 16 March 2014


Blogger Template Premade Blog Theme Design - Clean And Classy

Often envious of beautifully laid out blogs designed to your specific needs, at a cost, by site designers, when blogging is your hobby and not a job earning you a full time income, it's not always something you can justify but thanks to etsy, if you are after a new look for your blog you can purchase templates for between £10 and £20, so a few of us took the plunge but of course nothing is ever simple in my world being a complete technophobe.

I mean seriously who knows how to unzip a file, I could open it but that wasn't working?  It just wouldn't upload to blogger!  But thanks to Fiona, the problem I encountered, her hubby had already sorted out for her, so with an email containing all my login details and my blog totally in the hands of someone I have never met but who strangely enough I trusted implicitly, Fiona's husband James was able to log in and get me sorted.
I can't say I wasn't a little afraid as Fiona does like a laugh and I had visions of logging in and seeing all sorts of things plastered over my little corner of the blogsphere, but she was very good and didn't take advantage of a total wind up opportunity!

Thank you Fiona and James, I am so grateful for your help and a big thanks to all who commented yesterday and said you loved the new look. x

So Saturday was a good day, a new layout in the morning followed closely by a trip to London for the Net-A-Porter Staff Sample Sale! More on that to follow later in the week!

Enjoy the sunshine!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Love your new look Sharron & can't wait to hear all about your successful Net-A-Porter sale. Happy Sunday too.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Loving your new layout, very chic and classy xx

  3. Love the new template and how great to have friends to help out in a blogging emergency. Cannot wait to hear all about your sample sale later this week, Ax

  4. The new look is absolutely so chic it! Bring on the details of the NAP sample sale!! xx

  5. it's lovely, but I did quite like your masthead pic with all the glittery accessories, I guess this will become 'normal' I'm not one to embrace change!

  6. Cool new you !! the blog looks great !!

  7. Ooh very posh Sharron, clean & fresh! Love it! Excited about details of the NAP staff sale, exciting! X

  8. It's looking fab Sharron. Very simple and chic xxx

  9. It looks amazing Sharron! And I would have expected a prank too;)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Just up my street!

    And Fiona & James were just bag weren't they?

  11. Everything the title says - fab make over Sharron!

  12. Its looks great Sharron! Very clean & classy! Ax


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