Monday, 3 March 2014

Mothers Day

It may be just under four weeks away but I like to be organised and don't like my kids to be left with any last minute shopping dilemma's.  A nice lunch out is always appreciated, my eldest took me out for a scrumptious lunch last year but failing that there are a few things that would be more than appreciated if anyone is stuck for ideas.

1. Gucci Flora By Gucci from  £42.50 - Who doesn't love receiving a new fragrance and I stumbled across this one recently whilst searching for a lightweight summer scent with staying power, often a tall order, but the fragrance remained on the spray card, like forever, and I remain impressed so will hopefully be adding it to my collection this summer.

2. 3 Piece Cotton Pyjama Set £19.50. -  Definitely in need of sleepwear for warmer weather and this three piece set fits the bill perfectly as you can swap to the sleeveless top if  it's really hot.

3. Mothers Day Tulip Gift Bag £25 - I am more than happy for the family to say it with flowers - I adore flowers, especially tulips.

4. Filofax Fluro A5 Organiser £60 - Satisfy my inner stationery geek someone please.

5. Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles £11.79 - Mothers Day is one of  the few days when you are not expected to share chocolate so an indulgent sweet treat is much appreciated.

Do you make a list of all the things you would like on Mothers Day?


  1. I leave it up to them Sharron and they always do a great job! Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Ooh good idea Sharron I'd better start a list ;-) My son always cooks lunch so I'm already looking forward to a Sunday off from cooking the roast!
    Jane xx

  3. Blimey Sharron - have barely recovered from xmas/ny lol! You are truly organised and there are simply no excuses from your nearest and dearest for presenting you with anything less than spot on what you wanted. I think all mine know that I don't like surprises - I know crown me the Grump Frump Mum now! xx

  4. My list is all sorted Sharron as I had a little nosey around an Oliver Bonas store for the first time last week, needless to say they were more than a few bits and bobs I'd be happy with from there!! Will just have to start dropping a few hints! xx

  5. Hi there! Some really great choices here, I want to try the Gucci perfume now and those truffles look scrumptious! xx

  6. Mother's Day coincides with my youngest son's 14th birthday this year so I won't be the only one receiving gifts.

  7. Those truffles are amazing, would definitely be my perfect mothers day gift!

  8. I drop hints Sharron and my little girl will remind her dad now she's older! Love those pjs - can't beat a new pair of pjs! xx

  9. Fab list. I normally leave it up to them but I may request a thing or two this year.

    I must admit I am looking forward to treating my mom this year. She has been golden to me after my op.

    X x

  10. I generally leave it up to my daughter .. but just in case she's lacking inspiration this year, I may just leave this blog post open on the laptop for a while :)

  11. So I'm a plonker...I saw this post popping up on bloglovin yesterday, then I went into a shop that just had plain 'Mother's Day' written on them. Totally panic bought for my mum, thinking it was this Sunday...then went into Clintons and saw it's not till the 30th March!! Duh!! But for once my mum will now have a gift on thank you for that! xx
    PS I'm looking a bottle of Chanel Cristalle...major hinting going on!

  12. I'm dropping hints like nobodies business atm! I've some gorgeous PJs in BHS & a pair of culottes in Dotty Ps! Come on Hubby! Ax


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx