Monday, 28 April 2014

Currently Craving At Marks And Spencer

Marks and Spencer Pure Cotton Bandana Quilted Jacket £55 here.

As I rarely get to go out shopping these days, I have often documented my love of online shopping. With five people in the house, two of which are girls who spend virtually every penny on clothes, I am on first name terms with the Hermes, DPD, DHL and UPS drivers and nothing beats the excitement of seeing a van pull up outside your house. Lets not talk about the subsequent disappointment when a) he goes next door and b) the parcel is for one of your daughters or worse still your husband!

Having said all that, sometimes it really does pay to see things in the flesh, some websites fail miserably to show the beauty in a garment or style said item adequately, so on a trip out with my middle daughter last week, my first mission was to track down the Marks and Spencer quilted jacket from their Indigo Collection (above). I am seriously lacking in the red jacket department when it comes to outwear and my love of quilted jackets shows no sign of abating thanks to Isabel Marant, Monsoon and Mango.

Sadly the jacket was nowhere to be seen which was a bit of shock for a store the size of Bluewater and even more annoying that larger sizes are sold out online and were before I went shopping, so grr, grr and treble grrrrr. But there were two pieces of outerwear I simply fell in love with upon sight!

Firstly the Autograph Leather Sleeveless Biker Jacket. Hello I think I love you. Tried it on, love for this item deepened, one for the summer sale list for sure. My pictures don't do it justice at all but it was and simply is divine.

Autograph Biker Jacket In Soft White £249 here.

We all know how sometimes the Per Una range at our favourite department store comes up with a little gem, well this season that item has to be the lightly quilted Trophy Biker Jacket.  Quilted, great shape and in a colourway that will work with a lot of your existing wardrobe, consider this the perfect summer jacket, I do. Style note: Do not wear this fastened!

Per Una Jacket £59 here.

Whether it has ruffles, florals, a distinctive sleeve detail or lots of embellishment, we all need what I call a "go to" top. A top that we can throw on with a pair and jeans and look good enough to go out for a lunch date with friends. A top that can soften a black pencil skirt and make it worthy of cocktails (with heels of course) and if said top happens to be a dead ringer for a designer print or piece at a fraction of the cost, then so much the better.  If there is one new top I would like to add to my collection of "go to" tops, it would have to be this Per Una one from it's "speziale" collection with its homage to this seasons geometric print by Preen. I was quite shocked to find two pieces in the Per Una department that caught my attention whilst passing, I didn't actively seek anything out! Its a shell shaped top so perfect for us apple shapes. It's going on the list1

Per Una Speziale Shell Top £49.50 here.

Lastly a denim dress. Many of you may remember that I bought one from Marks a few months back. Bloggers in general (what I really mean is Bloggers who are thin and wear much shorter clothes than I would) were going crazy for the denim tunic from Topshop but I was seeking out a mature chambray alternative, then I spotted a tunic style in store yesterday, got really excited when I saw a size 16 hanger only to find the dress that was on it was a 22 - jeez, doesn't this wind you right up, it does me, especially when the only other one was a size 8, it was a double blow of epic proportions. Loads of dresses on the rail, the other twenty odd were the dress I already have, typical! Its also not online but if you are in your local branch and want a denim dress for summer, try and seek this one out, it's longer than the Topshop one and I love the shape. 

I only went in to look at the Indigo Collection jacket, oh and Percy Pigs, honest!

Any items caught your eye in Marks and Spencer recently.


  1. Ooh some lovely finds Sharron but I'm like you & hate it when you can't find your size, I usually stalk the changing rooms in the hope of finding my size in there!! And you've got to love Percy Pigs, although I'm quite partial to a Penny Pig too!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Love the Indigo jacket. I bought the dress last week it is a great length and light enough to wear in a summer day. That Per Una top is lovely too, hadn't seen that one.

  3. I am laughing because I was online this morning browsing the M&S website and those first two jackets are the ones that I looked at! Gorgeous aren't they?

  4. Hi Sharron I was on my own shopping recently and went in and out to all the mirrors with that Per Una biker jacket on me trying to decide if I liked it or not....think I need long hair for it,didn't look great on me around the neckline. I might try those bandana quilted ones when I go back as I still have a voucher to spend:) Love your Michael Kors from the last post.Have a great week:)
    ~Anne xx

  5. Oh goodness I'd only gone into M&S the other day to stock up on Percy Pig for my kids when I started trying on their linen shirts lol! These do all look great, well spotted!

  6. I think M & S is doing some good ranges this season. I am still waiting for a turquoise coat that I have my eye on to be delivered. I am surprised you managed to get some photos in store last time I tried I was accosted by a very zealous security guard.

  7. OMG! What gorgeous jackets. It's a good thing they're all the way across the Pond or my bank book would be in trouble!

  8. You know me I am a HUGE dan of M&S - I bought both the sleeveless blazers from the Limited Edition - I absolutely love them. The Autograph sleeveless one here looks stunning too!

  9. Love the bandana jacket....can't decide whether I like the blue or red best!! One of the lovely A57 ladies (@Trinkets) has the denim dress and it looks wonderful on her! All in all M&S have some fab stuff at the moment.....I have probably bought more stuff in there in the past 6 months than I ever had.....and I used to work there!! xx

  10. I was in the Liverpool branch on Saturday and saw an amazing burnt orange top in a fabulously thick fabric that I was almost tempted to buy.

  11. I always think M&S have lots of lovely stuff and lots of stuff that you wouldn't give the time of day to. I love the jackets, very Isabel Marant (if you squint a bit.) I like the red one myself. I like your' other choices too. H xx

  12. Great minds think alike! I had spotted that Per Una jacket and wanted it though agree it doesn't look great done up. Really pleased to see that M& S are doing well (and much bette than many highstreet retailers) with their ethical policy which is great as I love their clothes.

  13. Such a great looking jacket from M&S, when they do get it right, it's usually a total sellout! xx

  14. Both of those Per Una items have caught my eye already and now I see them here, I'm feeling the need to're a bad influence!! x

  15. The M&S jackets are amazing this season aren't they?! I love that denim dress too! I'm yet to wear mine! Not quite ready to bare all just yet! xx


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