Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Deeper And Deeper

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To say I've had a bit of a "thing" for the deep turn up jeans from MIH is a bit of an understatment. Certainly a fashion bloggers/editors favourite with plenty of sightings back at February's Fashion Week.

With the ever popular Phoebe jeans having a starting price tag of £185 going up to £220, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that us mere mortals with a budget for high street denim won't be getting a look in when it comes to the slouchy, boyfriend jeans with their deep turn ups, so I wondered if there was a way I could replicate the trend without breaking the bank or even better, actually spending any money. 

I don't own a pair of boyfriend jeans (only Current Elliott Dads Jeans - years old and hardly ever worn - massive, your dad is bigger than your boyfriend obviously), nor do I own any jeans that haven't had at least six inches lobbed off the bottom by a seamstress. Or so I thought. And then I stumbled across a pair in a pile on the shelf in my wardrobe which I remembered I had never had taken up, I always wore these with the bottoms rolled up. About twenty three times. Perhaps these could be the perfect pair to try and replicate the deeper and deeper micro trend.

The jeans are probably about three years old, the style is called "cherry" and they were from Oasis, so my first concern was if they would still fit, but luckily they are a very soft and stretchy denim, tighter than when last worn, thats for sure, but I can still do them up at least! They are described as a skinny jean but I have pairs that are far skinner, never mind as long as I can do the deep turn up thingy, I'm not really bothered.

Complete bloody result I never gave these the chop, they may not be slouchy but I am loving the turn up, so will press this baby in with the iron and reinvent them into something channelling the look I currently love.  Sometimes it's not so bad being a short arse!

Shop the MIH Phoebe jeans here and the full range of "cherry" jeans at Oasis here. I was shocked to find Oasis still do the "cherry" but I would definitely recommend them for softness and comfort and the fact mine had loads of wear a few years back and are still in great condition - a thumbs up for high street denim.

So do not fear if you are buying new jeans either skinny or boyfriend and normally need to have them taken up, as for this season at least, just turn them up, press with a hot iron and save your self a few quid!

Have you ever reinvented any old garments in the name of fashion?  Have you ever bought either MIH or Oasis jeans?

* Playing around with photo's - has anybody else realised that if you upload from phone straight into blogger app they come out blurry and horrid? Er why?


  1. Love the big turn ups. Lucky you finding those jeans and not having to buy more. I've been buying some Gap skinny jeans in the long/tall size and am able to get a good 3" turn up.

    1. So your loving the deep turn up too! x

  2. Hi my dear!! Very inspirational Sharron these jeans look so much better with a deeper cuff, excellent thinking! On the blogger front I noticed this too so only upload photos from my laptop now ;-(

  3. I actually have a Gap pair Sharron that I was going to chuck in a bag today so I might try this with them first!
    ~Anne xx

  4. I've been thinking about them but when I've tried, they've made my legs look shorter unfortunately. Maybe it's because I'm not doing them with the right pair but I will keep persevering. Got to love a trier!

  5. I've been wearing a pair of old jeans without the belt: slouchy, boyfriend style without the expense!

  6. Think the big turn-up is going to take me a while to warm to! I am going to give it a go in the name of research though. You have made an excellent job of yours Sharron, they look great with your Birkies xx

  7. Ooh I feel so vindicated i've been wearing a pair of Jigsaw ones like this for YEARS!! *punches air*! Although having said that i've tried the MiH phoebes on 3 times now (as in ordered and returned) but they're just too short for me. ARGGHH. love this look - totally totally love this look x

  8. How cool are you!..... I am going to have a hunt around for a pair that I can do this with now! xx

  9. Those jeans now have a new lease of life. Fantastic. I love this look and must try it soon. I don't have too much bother as most of my jeans are too long. I am like you and I had a lot of them altered (fool) but I am going to investigate now. H xx

  10. Great idea Sharron. I used to have a pair from Massimo Dutti years ago with a long turn up, sadly they're long gone but I shall definitely be trying this look out - love it!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  11. BIGGER turn ups are my new Spring thing. I am still a little in my comfort zone of smaller turn ups but watch this space.

    As always Sharon you're bang on the trend and I believe we'll all be wearing LARGE turn ups before the summer is here!

  12. Definitely be trying this out Sharron - I am not tall so usually have a turn-up or two around the house! May even buy a long pair from Primark (they fit me well!) just to have a proper go! xx

  13. I will be digging out by faithful old Birkenstocks. I have two pairs I've had for 10 years - glad to see they are finally fashionable.

  14. Get you, loving them. Now on the hunt for very long jeans to do they same.

    X x

  15. I rocked this look during my travels 13yrs ago with Havaianas & loved it! You are so super cool Sharron! xx

  16. I am not totally loving the big turn up, I'm not convinced how flattering they are...but I might just try in baby steps with a current pair of jeans, good tips!


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx