Thursday, 10 April 2014

Product Junkie - Origins Precipitation Extra Continuous Moisture For Very Dry Skin

When compiling my December Birthday and Christmas present list, you can pretty much bet your life that along with scented candles, make-up and all the usual girlie type stuff I ask for, there is always a body lotion or cream of sorts that makes the cut.

Seeing as I have been taking a little extra care to avoid as many nasties on my skin as possible (sulphate free shampoo and the like) I was looking for a hard core body moisturiser that was paraben free and jam packed full of natures goodies, so the Origins Precipitation Extra Continuous Body Moisturiser was the one I chose and very luckily received.

I have to confess I am becoming a bit obsessed with the thought that our skin is our biggest organ so why would we want to cover it in aluminium and the like? I'm probably a bit old now to be concerned about this, but hopefully it is something I am making my kids aware of, although you need to forget the deodorants from the Health Food Shop, they just don't work.

I've only just recently started using it as all my other lotions and potions have now well and truly run out and for a product that promises so much, it certainly lives up to it's name.  With my skin dry from not just old age, but the effects of winter, this wonder cream which due to it's thick consistency led me to believe it would be greasy upon contact and hard to absorb, was actually none of those things. Yes it is thick but it sinks into the skin really quickly, I can't stand creams that take forever to rub in, I simply don't have time.

Buy Origins Precipitation™ Extra Continuous Moisture Recovery For Very Dry Skin, 200ml Online at
£28 At John Lewis.

It has a very subtle scent which reminds me of an Aveda hair mist I used to use when I worked in London many years ago, hard to describe, but no fear of it overpowering your favourite fragrance if you bathe or shower before a night out, but attractive enough to make you feel gorgeous if you are just putting your pj's on and jumping into bed.  At least I won't have to wrack my brains over an array of body products in future, I'm definitely sticking with this one and no longer concerned about the drying effects the coming summer will have on my skin.  

Do you have a favourite body cream or lotion? 


  1. I do think we need to look into what we put on our skin, regarding chemicals etc? I havn't tried any Origins products, but I have read a lot of great reviews.....And with you giving it the big thumbs up too, I might put this on my next pressy list! xx

  2. Ooooo definitely fancy trying this one
    Tesco do a roll on aluminum free deodorant, its not that bad actually it does me at the gym, here's the link if you want to take a look cant find a men's one yet though xx

  3. It's always great to have a recommendation for body lotion so I'll be adding this to my list too - thanks Sharron.
    I'm with you with the deodorants - there's one from the Body Shop which is ok but not as good as a normal one.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. This sounds positively delicious. I tend to just use a really basic Nivea body cream that I pick up from the grocery store. It's super simple and doesn't smell too strong which I really like. This product sounds really good though. I'm totally with you on not liking lotions that take an age to rub in, I like them to be thick but sink into the skin quickly. xx

  5. I love Origins! Always good as a treat. x

  6. Sounds like you are super pleased with it. I just tend to use what we have in, which is a soap and glory moisturiser at the moment. It smells good, sinks in well and the best bit is it makes my skin feel silky soft. But I have no idea what's in it. Off to read the label now.

    X x

  7. Strange. I have just woken up with a red, itchy rash on my face. I have never ever had problems with my skin before. I will check this one out.

  8. I love Origins products and was so disappointed when I could no longer buy them in Spain. I do love switching body lotions and creams around. Currently using one by Decleor that is OK-nothing to write home about really. Not as good as Nivea's Extra Rich Body Lotion ;-) x

  9. I have very dry skin so enjoyed reading this, will definitely check it out, thank you!
    Abbi x

  10. This sounds lovely Sharron - a real treat! Like the fact that it sinks in easily - there's never any time for rubbing in is there? xx

  11. As you can imagine, I'm totally in agreement regarding the dangers of what we put on our skin. And I'm a MASSIVE Origins fan! I use their cleansers and facial moisturisers ... in fact pretty much anything I can get my hands on! I think their products are excellent. Can't praise them high enough x

  12. I love origins products! :)

  13. I am a huge fan of this line and really love the cream that smells like you can eat it! High Potency Night a Mini is amazing! I also love a line for cleansing called Eve Lom Have you tried that? Really great quality!! New follower !!

    1. Oh yes Rosemary I love me a pot of Eve Lom cleanser, funds permitting!

  14. Sounds just lush Sharron! I'm in love with the cocoon butter from The Sanctuary atm but Palmers Cocoa Butter has been a favourite for years! xx


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