Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bloody Weather

To be perfectly honest I really didn't expect to be having outerwear dilemma's in May, especially after the recent hot spell which of course, utterly spoilt us.  So it was off to the hairdressers in my trusty Gap mac purchased last spring and then it hit me that along with my Camilla jacket from Monsoon and a black blazer, I really am lacking in the lightweight, spring and summer outerwear department since I sold loads of coats and jackets on ebay last year.

I had the same dilemma with footwear, I so wanted to wear my skater shoes and as the rain was pretty light and intermittent (drizzle really) I decided to take my chances. The biggest problem was navigating our unmade road with it's potholes and puddles without getting a mark on the soles! Umbrella is in my bag, you can always guarantee it will rain when I am off to the hairdressers, it is one day every six weeks where I don't need to watch a weather forecast because I already know!

Conclusion: As much as a trench coat is a true classic, for someone like me who hates umbrella's (especially at the first sign of a light breeze) a spring coat with a hood would be just dandy. After all I don't want to spoil my near perfect hair do I?

I love this satin option from the Wallis W Collection and currently reduced from £75 to £37 it's a purse friendly option when you still have other summer pieces to purchase!

Also comes in Stone for £36.

Buy Whistles Finlay Short Jacket, Neutral Online at

This shorter version from Whistles is perfect if you prefer a more casual look. £100 at John Lewis.

Image 1 of ASOS Faux Fur Hooded Detachable Lined Parka

This Asos Parka has a detachable lining so perfect for all seasons and is currently on sale for just £40.50 and made of shower proof cotton - perfect for our great British summer showers!

Are you happy with a mac and umbrella or prefer a lightweight hooded jacket?

Off to Canterbury again later to pick up the Wedding Dress! Lets hope it's not raining!


  1. Love the sparkly shoes! I'm the same, it's been grey and drizzly the last three days so yesterday and today I just put boring black maternity trousers on and am not bothering to take pictures for the blog. I'd like some sunshine to put some maternity summer dresses to good use!

    And yes I'd go mac and brolly, not sure I even own a hooded coat....

  2. I would never have guessed the first one was from Wallis. I really need a light weigh, chuck in the boot of the car type jacket. Off to have a look whats out there as this weather doesn't seem to be letting up x

  3. I have two light jackets....a parka and a short mac. Footwear is my main problem at the moment! You must be so busy with the wedding creeping up,hope the weather improves soon:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. You couldn't have put it better about the weather I'm bl**dy fed up with it too! I have resisted the temptation to get my parka out again but I had forgotten about my Gap thank you for the nudge in the mac direction xx

  5. I have the Asos cocoon parka and love it - it's quite lightweight so perfect for the warmer temps here. LOVE your skater shoes - you look fab! xx

  6. My new parka has been a godsend in recent days and I was a mac girl. Loving the silver skater shoes misses! Xx

  7. It always rains when I go to the hairdresser too, it's so annoying. Not a lover of brollies, like the Wallis choice, or parka. Hope your hair survives the rain.
    Sue x

  8. I just grab my black mac and think 'sod it.' If it rains I have to have an umbrella. If my hair gets wet it just looks frightening. I am getting very excited about the wedding. H xx

  9. You look great---as always!!!!
    Exciting times ahead, with the wedding! Our daughter gets married on June 7th---ooooohhhh excitement and nerves and really in high gear now:)

  10. Wow loving those skater shoes Sharron they're gorgeous...hope they are still looking as shiny after your trip out!!! I have a trench & a lightweight parka just depends on what I'm doing but generally I opt for the trench & an umbrella.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  11. I bought a lightweight hooded jacket type thing (with drawstring waist) from New Look last year and it's great for this type of dismal weather and keeps my barnet dry too. Your sparkly shoes look great Sharron - perfect for this drab weather! Wedding is getting closer and closer - exciting! xx

  12. Hi Sharron- perfect outfit choice for this horrid weather and I must say you look lovely and so suit a trenchcoat too! xxx

  13. You look great here! What is the black tote you are carrying - love it! Ive been awol again - work is just crazy - how did you ever do it?!

  14. I'm with you. I hate umbrellas.
    I also have that mac (purchased after reading your blog last year) and what an amazing investment.
    It is one of my most worn coats.

  15. Your title says it all hun, blood weather indeed! And like very one else I do love those shoes. (I am a sucker for anything sparkly) Typical isn't it that it is always either wet or very windy on the day you go to the hairdressers.

    X x

  16. Love the look(very stylish & elegant:)!


  17. Love the satin one from Wallis and such a great price!
    A x

  18. Oh my Sharron! That ASOS Parka is awesome! I so need one & don't own a coat with a hood which is a must for the school run! Tempting.....I'm going to have to check it out! Ax

  19. I just got a summer parka, just for the British weather... I divide my time between Finland and the U.K., and I'm beginning to think that I need two sets of coats, one for each country. And a parka with a hood is a must in the U.K., for Finland a trench would be my choice. Maybe it's also because when in Britain I'm off duty, so a more relaxed coat is OK...

  20. Ha! Love the title of this post!! My best worn item is my parka - essential! And that's a great price on the asos one:)


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