Saturday, 24 May 2014

Something For The Weekend

Bank Holiday weekend and of course it's raining! What else could we expect, not that I have any plans whatsoever! I am far too tired after a crazy busy week of work, the sun comes out and it seems everyone want's their legs waxed and toe nails painted! I have spent the entire week in my beauty uniform or those cheap throw on summer dresses which I bought last year when the heat was getting to me, certainly nothing worthy of an outfit post although I will have to make the effort and get to a supermarket at some point over the next few days for a fresh food top up inbetween my fortnightly online shop.

I still need to order my hat and find a bag for the wedding so most of the weekend will no doubt be spent surgically attached to my laptop (as usual) for a bit of virtual window shopping and wishing that I could buy the Jimmy Choo tote bag (featured below) instead!  I also have some fab discounts listed further down if you are looking for a pay day treat!

Jimmy Choo Delilah
The Deliah Macrame Tote by Jimmy Choo £995.

Jimmy Choo Delilah
Too much cuteness in a spacious tote and probably the only time you would see me sporting tassels!

Jimmy Choo  outfit

As much as I love understated I also love a statement piece to take a simple outfit up a notch and this bag will have every passer by going green with arm candy envy!

This weeks discounts and offers include:-

The Body Shop - £20 off a £40 spend - now that's what I call a discount! Use code 19803 at checkout - shop here!

The White Company - 20% off and free delivery when you spend over £80 using code X2U20 at checkout until midnight Sunday - shop here.

Baukjen - Four days of Fabulousness! Today (Saturday) sees 30% off coats and jackets using code JK54. Sunday is skirts, trousers and jeans using code SP54 and finally Monday is dresses using code DR54. Shop here.

Elemis - Spend £90 to receive a free anti-ageing gift worth £115 containing a full size Pro- Collagen Eye Renewal, a 30ml pro-Collagen Marine Cream and a 20 Pro- Collagen Cleansing Balm. Use code PROEYES until 31st May. shop here!

What plans do you have this weekend or for half term week?  Are you planning any purchases I should know about?


  1. Goodness me £995?? That is INSANE! I've already done town today, came away empty handed clothes wise despite a 30% off gap voucher in grazia. Always the way isn't it! They'll get a must have in the week after it expires no doubt ;-)

  2. Please stop tempting me with glorious bags fingers are crossed that my hubby has backed the winners in the scoop six!! xx

  3. Wow what a bag, I am very tempted by Baukjen never ordered from them before. Hope your surfing proves fruitful.
    Sue xx

  4. Fabulous bag Sharron we were thinking if a trip to the Lake District or the beach.....obviously decided whilst lounging in the beautiful sunshine last week!! Instead it might be a National Trust & cinema vusit.
    Happy surfing!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  5. OMG! That bag is gorgeous Sharon. I am sure you can find a "reason" why you need that bag in your life. Just think how fab it will look when you are swanning around Puerto Banus ;-)

  6. I wish you luck with your' quest. That bag is a bit nice. I think it is good for us to lust after things, from time to time, why not? I did laugh because all I can see now is all sorts of things with tassels on. :-) H x

  7. Fabulous bag but crazy price tag. Loving the body shop discount.

    X x

  8. Very, very disappointed Sharron, I was expecting you to produce a cheaper copy of the bag which is too fantastic. I adore the grey. Happy shopping xx

    1. If only there were a cheaper version around Donna I would snap it up! x

  9. Now that's a bag for the summer, very, very beautiful! xx

  10. I was waiting for a cheaper copy too! It's fabulous!! Enjoy your weekend Sharron! X

  11. What a fabulous bag and I think I should just pop over to The White Company - 20% is a great offer. It's not just raining here, it's torrential like a tropical downpour without the heat of course!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous bag - I want it!
    A x

  13. That is a terrible bag. No envy here.

  14. Sharron what are you doing to me!!!? That cream Jimmy Choo jumpsuit and bag, so sooo gorgeous! Like you we've had rain - yesterday was the Tolpuddle Street Fair in our village so that's kept us busy x

  15. Love that bag in the black Sharron! I wanted a pedi done but given up for the moment - booking in once the weather improves - can't wait! That Elemis offer is amazing but I must not be tempted - far too many things on my wishlist already! Good luck with the hat and bag hunt! xx

  16. Oh that is a bag & a half Sharron! Its amazing in black! I hope you've found the hat & bag & the search was easier than the dress saga! The Body Shop deal was so good & I wish I had seen it earlier! xx


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx