Thursday, 5 June 2014

Product Junkie - Make-Up For The Wedding From Bobbi Brown

Way back in mid April whilst out with my eldest for her final wedding dress fitting, we had made an appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter to try out some new products and get some wedding look inspiration for both the bride and myself.

Chloe is really good at doing her own make-up but it's always good, whether you like it or not, to see just how somebody else would do it and Bobbi's make-up artists are renowned for their bridal looks but each MUA seems to have a different idea of what would suit you.

We were greeted by the lovely Anna who immediately put Chloe at ease and pretty much "got" straight away the kind of look Chloe is trying to achieve on her big day and whilst having her makeover, I had a good old browse around the products and got to have them applied later, again always good as I know exactly how to apply it on others but don't wear much myself.

A pretty pink polish to complete her look! Nail Colour in Ballet. I have zillions of nail polishes but one of the girls on the counter had this on and being a polish geek I just had to ask what it was as it looked amazing and perfect for brides who want natural nails. A pale pink that needs three coats to achieve a deep and intense coverage.

I don't normally wear eye shadow but feel I should make the effort and have decided to steer clear of the brown colour palettes and opt for something different so I choose white and slate. The white isn't too stark if  blended well and the slate is more of a grey than a brown once on.

So what did we buy:-
Top Picture from bottom centre going anti-clockwise: 
For Chloe: Smokey Quartz  - a gorgeous sparkle eye shadow to use either alone or over any shadow to add shimmer.
For Me: White - a brightening white much fresher than the usual cream base shadows.
For Me: Slate - a pretty apt description of the colour. This would be perfect for smokey eyes.
For Chloe:  Pink Sugar Shimmer Blusher - a great alternative to their ever popular Pale Pink (my Claudia's favourite) and this has a touch of sparkle too, very pretty and perfect if you like a bit of shimmer like our Chlo does!
For Chloe: Bikini Pink Rich Lip Colour lipstick, again a really pretty colour which is slightly too pale for me but fab on her.

For Me: Creamy Lip Colour in Hibiscus slightly darker and brighter.

I must say I am so impressed with everything Bobbi Brown, the intensity of the colours and their staying power is immense and that's from someone who has masses of make-up upstairs to use on my clients!
The only item I have ever bought before is the Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks which I love, a great dual purpose product which always comes into it's own on holiday, so much more fresh to look at than powder.
We were given some samples which included the Skin Foundation and for someone who hates foundation on myself, on every level, I totally love this stuff! It really is amazing, so light to apply and doesn't sink into the wrinkles or cake on over any blemishes, it is the perfect natural base and a little really does go a long, long way, I've had three applications out of a small sachet and there is still more in there! I dot it across my forehead above and between brows, down and around my nose, mouth and chin as these are the area's that "colour up" first and blend out to the rest of my face with a foundation brush. It is a product that you could build up over blemishes if required.

On the day the MUA used the newest addition to their range of foundations, the Skin Foundation Stick in natural on me which I also really liked and the Rich Foundation in warm beige on Chloe as she prefers to look like she has make-up on!

The Outcome: Chloe has decided that the dark brown base eyeshadow is a little too dark in hindsight so will use a lighter colour with the Smokey Quartz shimmer shadow over the top on the big day!

Top Make Up Tips For The Over Forties:

1. I read in the April edition of Red Magazine that a woman over 40 should avoid red lipstick because it is too ageing and wonder if this is the reason why red no longer suits me and hasn't done for years!
2. Now this tip comes from me and during my trials of various eye shadow colours and textures for the big day, can I just say that once your eyelids become "hooded" as they will when you are my age and don't have botox, avoid metallic shadow in this area as it really emphasises the droopy upper lid - which is totally gross! A couple of grand for an eye lift anyone?
3. Avoid foundation containing an SPF if you are going to be photographed as it can make you look ghostly!

So lots of lovely new additions to our make-up bags we just can't wait to use!  I have a couple of bridal make-ups to do this summer so I am sure they will reap the benefit of our new purchases too!

What's your favourite Bobbi Brown product?


  1. Some lovely new products here Sharron, I'm a total Bobbi Brown devotee . I don't think of any the products I've tried I've not loved them & the make up girls are always so lovely & helpful. Not long till the big day now :-)
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Right now my favorite Bobbi Brown product is the cream eye shadow in Suede! But I everything I use is Bobbi Brown so it is difficult to single to one product. I also use the eye primer underneath the shadow! Lasts all day.

  3. Chloe's make up looks stunning....what a totally gorgeous daughter you have! She is going to make one beautiful bride!! Hankies at the ready!! xx

  4. I had one of those sets which was great for moving around and included the grey shadow I always, always use plus the ivory highliter. That's pretty much me for the last 30 years. I only replaced the shadows last year with a duo from Chanel in the same colours.
    About the red lipstick, I have about 4 or 5 different reds (Chanel) that I alternate between seasons and occasions. I'm certain there's a shade to suit you although it may not be a classic pillar box red anymore. Mine ranges from a rusty red to slight corally to mid pinkish. But I know you have to balance it with some eyeshadow so maybe that's what's happened with you if your red lippy doesn't look the same anymore. xx

  5. Exciting stuff. I had a full on Bobbi Brown makeover in 2007 and have used her products ever since. I love her face base and under eye cream. This is a must item if you are going to use her fantastic concealer products. I love her lippy in salmon and mango but also her pale and sandwash pink colours are really useful. When I remember I always purchase her Everything mascara in blackest black and her luminous foundation sits on my face everyday. Am I boring you? I am a bit of a Bobbi geek. :0) H xx Chloe will look stunning.

    1. No you are not boring me Helen, anyway I asked! lol no seriously interesting, thank you for your recommendations x

  6. I only have one BB product and that is the cream blusher lip gloss duo you mentioned. wI always mean to go and try out some more products, as I have been really pleased with this one! Your daughter is so pretty, and what an amazing bride she is going to make, alongside a rather stunning Mum too! xx

  7. Chloe looks gorgeous Sharron - hope you've got your waterproof mascara ready for the big day - so exciting! All the products look lovely - especially like the look of your slate eye-shadow! I've been using my first Bobbi Brown blush for a couple of months now and love it! Been eyeing up her bronzer from the 'Raw Sugar' collection recently - looks amazing! xx

  8. Love Bobbi Brown and Slate eyeshadow has been one of my favs for years - worn on my wedding day with bone eyeshadow, blusher sand rose lipstick I think. Xx


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    Kisses from Italy

  10. My top tip Bobbi Brown product is the long wear cream eyeshadow. I use it every single day as a base for other colours because it really does stay put without creasing, would definitely recommend it for the wedding to keep everything on top in place.
    I use Sandy Gold which is lovely on it's own too (so good I've got through 3 pots of it!) I also love the cream blushers and always use one of those under a powder blush too. Oh and love the lipsticks - in fact yes I am a BB devotee too!
    Your daughter looks lovely I hope you have a fabulous day - don't forget the waterporrf mascara too. x

  11. I love all the colours you girls have purchased! Its so lovely you got to shop for this special make up together! My hoods are drooping & I've just started wearing red lipstick again at age 40! Lol! Ax


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