Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Travel Geek - Luxurious Hand Luggage

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Time to say goodbye to tatty overstuffed cases full of clothes you never get round to wearing and time to fly through the departure lounge with your hand baggage only. Just think about the money you will save on budget airline luggage charges and spend that hard earnt cash investing in the case of your dreams.

Taking hand luggage only has so many advantages - no more worrying about your case getting thrown around and broken by heavy handed baggage handlers or worrying that it will never appear on the carousel when the rest of the passengers on your flight are long gone (been there, done that).

Regardless of your destination, every journey is better when you travel in style, so inject some glamour into your travels with my edit of the most luxurious luggage around!

Lulu Guinness Small Trolley Spinner
Lulu Guinness Lips Small Trolley Spinner £195.

Indulge in the glamour of a Lulu Guinness Lips suitcase in either red or purple as you touch down for a week of partying in Ibiza or Marbella. I can vouch for how wonderful these cases are as my youngest daughter has one. Once open you can pack in the bottom as well as the lid and keep everything in place with it's inner zipped compartments. 

Globe-Trotter Safari 18” Trolley Case
Globe-Trotter Safari 18inch Trolley Case £880.

Exclusive British brand Globe-Trotter has been hand crafting luggage for the likes of Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Edmund Hilary for over 100 years. Globe-Trotter have revived the original Safari case for the 21st century and in an ivory finish perfect for the ladies, this case is perfect for City Breaks from New York to Istanbul and will most certainly last you a lifetime!

Bric's Bellagio 55cm Carry-On Spinner Trolley
Bric's Bellagio 55cm Carry On Spinner Trolley £399.

With the same inner zipped compartments as the Lulu Guiness Lips case, this powder pink creation from Brics is perfect to bring out the inner "pretty" in even the most sophisticated traveller.  As the name suggests, you couldn't possibly travel to Vegas without this baby which would also look completely at home in the reception area of the most chicest of Parisian hotels.

Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag
Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag £71.

One night stopovers and limited budgets can invest in the Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag which has become as highly sought after as it's smaller handbag sized options.  With it's 55cm width and a spacious inner compartment, this fold away bag really is the ultimate in travelling light! 

So if you are looking to check out some luxury luggage options this summer take a look at the large selection on offer at Harrods here.


  1. Some lovely cases Sharron, the only thing is I'd be really precious with anything that cost this much & would want to have an overhead locker just for my case so it didn't get scratched!!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Love the red Lulu Guinness....that screams of travelling in style Sharron xx

  3. I could just see myself rocking up in Capri with the Globe-Trotter Safari case Sharron! How gorgeous. I always love everything Lulu Guinness as well, and the Bric's Bellagio is so pretty. How fab that Harrods offer such a wide range of cases to suit all budgets. That would be the icing on the cake, to buy stylish luggage from Harrods and then pop off on a luxury break! x

  4. I drool over the luggage in Harrods. Those kind of walk in wardrobe trunks but I would never dare use them in case they were damaged. Our carry on suitcases probably have one more journey left in them so I'll be off to TK Maxx to replace xx

  5. Love the Longchamp...way more practical as you could use it for overnights/beach or in my case for lugging half the house with me to choir concerts! x

  6. I absolutely love the Longchamp bags - they are so practical and carry so much. Also loving the red Lulu - another one of my faves!

  7. Love the Lulu Guinness bag, It would definitely stand out on the luggage carousel!! xx


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