Friday, 18 July 2014

Bodens Best 70% Off Bargains

So I filled the tan flat sandal gap in my shoe cupboard, and the black (although they have a small heel) but something tells me that reduced by 70% to just £17.70 - the gold gap doth need to be filled also. And maybe the black flat gap at the same price? I think my husband might go just a tiny bit crazy as I really do have too many shoes but two pairs for less than the full price of one sounds like an offer not to be refused! Buy here.

As regular readers will know, I adore my Lola top in navy but again with 70% off and at £17.70, the white is calling my name! Come to Mumma! Shop Lola Tops here.

I've been loving yellow this season so it's good to see the Selina Dress in this colour print has 70% off and is now only £38.70 from £103.20! It looks like the perfect summer frock, great for holidays or dress it up for a summer occasion.

Trying hard not to sob over the fact the first Beach Throw On I bought is now £14.70. You would be a complete fool not to put one in your suitcase. Can somebody please pass me a tissue?

These Marigold jeans make a great alternative to white when it comes to summer denim. I love the styling here with the monochrome print top and tan sandals, stylish summer simplicity and I can imagine just how well these will work with denim shirts and a black cashmere knit come autumn. Now £14.70 from £49.

I don't usually wear scarves in summer but if I did and I know that an awful lot of readers do, these pretty print scarves are worth stocking up on with ten prints now only £7.50 from £25.

What bargains have you snagged in the Boden sale this season?


  1. Ooh some great picks Sharron, so far I've been good but with 70% off now's the time for a peak or two ;-)
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. I am going over to Boden sale right now.

  3. Just bought the tunic, gold sandals and St Lucia Dress - you are a bad/good influence!!!!

    1. So glad someone else has bought that Tunic Jane, I love them and at that price, so worth it xx

  4. I'm with you with the fab sandals(at that price who can blame you, love 'em:)! X

  5. I have the Selina dress in burnt orange from last year and it's just gorgeous. The sandals look fab but I normally wear something stroppier. Love your tunic on you. Lynne xx

  6. Love the colours in the Selina dress Sharron - gorgeous! x

  7. Amazing reductions! Seriously to check whether they have the tunic and Lola top in my size!! xx

  8. I adore Boden, great prints and patterns.

  9. Oh its all too tempting, I do love that beach kaftan, and the Lola top, might just have to take a quick peek! xx

  10. Stop it.....I'm trying to be good! Come to mumma, ha, love it!! Xx


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