Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Long And The Short Of It

Boden Top/M&S Shorts/Mulberry Dorset Sandals

I think because I virtually live in jeans throughout winter, denim shorts become the obvious choice when it comes to summer attire but I really struggle with the length of them and often just give up when trying to buy new styles, so much so that a pair by Juicy Couture I seem to live and die in must be about seven years old now!

Medium Indigo Boyfriend Denim Shorts Clothing
M&S Collection Medium Indigo Boyfriend Shorts was £19.50 now £12.50.

I had the same problem earlier this season when purchasing the red chino shorts from Boden. I knew the four inch would be too short and the nine inch probably too long, which they were, but I never got round to returning them, just folded the turn up, up once more to create the perfect length for me.

Light Indigo Boyfriend Denim Shorts Clothing
Also available in Light Indigo for £12.50.

It's not that my legs are that bad, as with most apple shapes they are probably one of my few redeeming features but when it comes to getting your pins out when women are of a certain age, I like to lay down my own rules which means shorts should not be too short.  You also have to bear in mind that what feels fine for a woman in the 40-50 age bracket who has younger children, doesn't feel right when you have daughters in their twenties wearing the same thing. I am sure if I just had Teen Boy, I wouldn't give these things a second thought but as Mary Portas once said when she was starting out her range for House of Fraser, women don't want to be dressing like their teenage daugthers.  She also said we don't want to be dressing like our mothers and in my case that is certainly true!

White Boyfriend Denim Shorts Clothing
And white reduced to £12.50.

So I picked up a pair of shorts whilst in Marks and Spencer on a last minute pre wedding shopping trip last Monday (before the sale started - gutted) and have to say that they pretty much fit my brief. They are also ultra comfortable, so much so that I might well invest in a paler denim or white pair. Other styles available include boyfriend shorts from the Indigo Collection ...........

Dark Indigo Boyfriend Denim Shorts
Available in light and dark indigo £25.00

Or if you are under 45 and have killer legs why not try the turn up shorts from their ever popular Limited Collection ...............

Denim Turn up Short Clothing

Steal My Simple Summer Style

Boden Lola Top £59.
Shorts As Above or similar at Debenhams £30.
Mulberry Dorset Tan Leather Sandals or similar at Office £25.

Have you bought any denim shorts yet this season?


  1. Love this outfit on your Sharron, I've got a pair of H&M denim shorts that I've had for a few years now & love.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Oh you look amazing Sharron - absolutely tip top perfect.
    I am grateful for 2 boys which means I shall never dress like my teenager!

    I cut some old jeans up last year but not sure they are still right. I'm after the best pair of denim shorts ever still


  3. Gorgeous outfit Sharron....I actually need shorts so off to have a look!! The top is fabulous with them:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Gosh those Marksie's short are excellent value aren't they?! Great length too! Love your Boden top with the shorts look great!! xx

  5. The shorts look great on you Sharron, the perfect length. I have had a search this year and found that gap sexy boyf jean shorts were right for me as I am kinda short!! Love the top it looks great on x

  6. Never mind the shorts - I want your sandals!
    A x

  7. Your outfit is fabulous ( loving the Boden top on you - you suit navy and blue ) the denim shorts are a great length on you. I got the Gap sexy boyfriends and they were the most comfy shorts ever, I lived in them and the red boden ones in Marbs. xx

  8. I love the Limited Collection pair and your boho top looks fantastic! Lynne xx

  9. That outfit looks great on you. You are so right about the length, so tricky! I would positively encourage you to go back and get the shorts in the other colour options! I'm wearing a pair of charity shop jean cut offs this year, leftover from last year!

  10. Love the Boden tunic - I would never have guessed it was Boden! And what a good find on the denim shorts front! They can be quite tricky to get right - I've had to size up on every pair I've tried on this year but I've not looked at M&S yet. I think I owe them a visit.

  11. Check you! Looking amazing! I'm loving my joe browns ones - have worn them every day this week! X

  12. love the top, and the glasses, I am looking for a new shape, do you remember where they are from?

  13. Love the shorts Sharron, love the entire outfit - you look fab! xx

  14. Great outfit, and fabulous legs hun! I cut iff a pair of jeans whilst we were away a while back. Ee just didn't expect good weather and well, needs must. They have turned out to be some of the comfiest shorts ever.

    X x

  15. I love the Lola top! You look fab Sharron! I've just bought the F&F boyf shorts & its now raining!! Typical! Ax


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