Wednesday, 16 July 2014

White Dress

It took me years to find a white summer dress and then two summers on the trot, I got one. First a short sleeved option from a local boutique and then last year this one from Gap.

For me a white dress is a summer wardrobe staple, so easy to throw on and wear with any colour sandals you may already have lurking in your shoe cupboard although I particularly love white worn with tan. There are still some white dresses lurking around but be quick before the shops fill up with boring black jumpers - winter clothes are such a drag.

Rosalie Broderie Dress £59 Monsoon.

White Brodrais Sundress
Mint Velvet Broderis Sundress was £59 now £49

NW3 Evie Dress
NW3 at Hobbs Evie Dress was £179 now £134.

French Connection Sunflower Dress was £110 now £55

Do you have a white dress hole in your wardrobe? If you have one, what colour do you accessorise it with?


  1. I do not yet it's something I've been wanting more and more. Love the French Connection one and what a great price! I have a specific white dress in mind though, bardot neck, maxi length. Who knows if it exists in a casual capacity lol
    You look great! xx

  2. Love your Gap dress Sharron & the Monsoon one. I don't have a white summer dress, I'm still on the look out for the perfect one but I do have a couple of cream ones.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. I have practically exactly the same Gap dress which is 4 or 5 years old but still going strong!! I tried the Hobbs Evie one on but it is very see-through! Nothing beats wearing a crisp white cotton dress on a glorious, hot, sunny day! xx

  4. I have two maxis but would love a short one! Tempted now after seen your lovely outfit!!
    ~Anne xx

  5. I have a white dress , mine is M and S Brodie one. I never found one last year, wearing it with (old) Next sandals in leopard and gold. I love that Gap one on you, great buy.

  6. Great white dress on you. I love white dresses on others but fear my legs are a bit too pale for one! Lynne x

  7. oh I love white dresses and liking the one you are wearing. My gap white dress is about 8 years old now, I just wear it to the beach and I have to say I still love it. x

  8. I have a lovely white sleeveless one very similar to yours and I love it, it's so comfy! Like you say you can accessorise with any colour. My favourite footwear with it at the mo are bright orange sandals that I picked up from TK Maxx. I'll have to do a post on mine!

  9. Love the white gap dress Sharron, as you know I am a white dress lover, nothing quite says summer like a white dress!
    Sue x

  10. I love the Gap one you are wearing and the Monsoon dress too. You look superb. H xx

  11. There is nothing nicer and simpler than a white dress. They are very au currant here in the heat of Southern France at the moment.

  12. Great dress! I have an old white M&S one I trot out year after year. In fact I was pondering whether I can nurse in it earlier as the forecast for tomorrow is 28. Sticky sticky!

  13. I'm crossing my fingers and really, really hoping that next year I'll be in the market for a white dress. You look so lovely and summery in yours. But how can you say winter clothes are boring??? Noooooo! I LOVE A/W! Much prefer it to S/S x

  14. Completely agree Sharron - winter clothes are a drag! Love your white dress! If I got one (love that Mint Velvet dress by the way) I'd want to wear it with black DrMs (feeling your wrath already!) x


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