Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hobbs Autumn/Winter 2014

Hobbs Pink Lace Dress £249 here, here and here.

I know I told you I wasn't going to write about any new season collections just yet. Certainly not when temperatures are still over 70 degrees in the UK and I am a few weeks away from my holiday, but a few things have reminded me recently about the Hobbs A/W press day I attended back in April.

Firstly I saw Alex from The Frugality wearing the Pink Lace Dress from the brands Invitation Collection to a wedding a few weeks ago who described it as a "dreamy dress" and I agree wholeheartedly, after all, I have seen it in the flesh, touched it and almost blew it a kiss as I departed into the spring sunshine. Then I spotted it on a race goer at Glorious Goodwood on TV last week. The husband is glued to the horses and I am mesmerised by Gok and the fashion features. Obvs.

I can remember thinking "oh pink for winter but I like. A Lot" and the thing I really like about the dress and pretty much everything Hobbs have been producing lately, is their ability to cater for every age group and how the pieces work on the young and funky as well as the more mature classic dresser, it's all about how you style it up really.

There was also a stunning dusky pink metallic offering which made me swoon, a faux fur coat and gilet but I can only sell one kidney so am going for the coat and arm candy a plenty.

It's quite strange really because Hobbs is a brand I seem to dip in and out of, I buy things for a couple of years and then don't for a couple of years, although this season has seen me purchase two dresses, one a Mother of the Bride option, I kept although didn't wear and a sales bargain knitted dress that will be worn as soon as the weather is slightly cooler, so once again the brand has my undivided attention and the autumn/winter wishlist has finally started.

Have you checked out the new season collection at Hobbs yet?


  1. I haven't looked at Hobbs in ages and we also have an outlet store nearby so I must check that out!!
    ~Anne xx

  2. I agree with you I was very impressed by the Hobbs A\W collection. I used to wear a lot of Hobbs when I was working in the corporate market as they did great tailoring. Then I think they lost the plot a bit so am glad to see they are back on form.

  3. Adore that lace dress, spotted it yesterday in John Lewis..... It was in the running for my wedding guest dress after seeing it on Alex... But I wanted long sleeves as it's a winter wedding. Loving the look of that fur gilet over the grey coat. I brand like you I go to for awhile then not..., will be taking a closer look this season.

  4. I've never shipped in Hobbs, we don't have one. I like the bag though!

  5. I haven't looks at Hobbs for a while either, but after reading this post I will be having a look,like the sound of the faux fur

    Sue x

  6. The pink dress is stunning.....makes me wish I had an event to go to!! xx

  7. The pink lace dress is gorgeous & I'd love to be invited somewhere fancy & dress up! The fur gilet is stunning too, I love the collar on it! Ax


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