Friday, 22 August 2014

Product Junkie - A Waste Of Money Serum, A Beauty Sale And A Holiday Essential

I try not to get caught up in skincare hype but when I heard about the new No.7 Protect and Perfect Serums I was four weeks away from my daughter wedding and had a No.7 money off voucher burning a hole in my wallet. I wanted to believe it would  make a difference so took some close up photo's of my wrinkles. Fast forward four weeks which was pretty much how long it lasted and I couldn't honestly see any difference at all.

We all know that prevention is better than cure and even after spending the last 25 odd years investing in high end skincare, I honestly think the damage is done way before then. Hot summers as a child where I spent everyday out in the sunshine with absolutely no sun protection along with years of smoking have indeed taken their toll. The only thing that would help now would be botox or fillers and perhaps a face lift, it would be lovely to have the smooth and youthful complexion of momager Chris Jenner but it ain't happening and although I think a serum must benefit, I think I will be buying the Aldi version so many women rave about in future.

When you get a text from your daughter at lunchtime on a Friday saying "Beauty Sale at 2.30pm" there is only one response she will ever get from me "get me stuff, coral lipsticks, mascara's, anything Bobbi Brown or Nars oh and anything anti-ageing". Oh boy I am so happy she is back on a magazine, although I miss the NAP discount, these staff beauty sales are amazing, a whole carrier bag for £30 and when we counted it there were 34 items and my Nars the Multiple would of cost that on it's own - whoop whoop!  Sadly she shares it with her two sisters as well, yes we are all make-up obsessed but I did pretty good with six items I am really pleased with and will come in really handy for holiday!

1. Nars The Multiple in Puerto Vallarta £30.00

Puerto Vallarta is a new edition to the Multiples collection and is a soft peach shade with a hint of shimmer.  If you don't already own one, the Multiple has a mousse texture which dries to a powder finish which can be used on eye's, lips and cheeks.  It's probably a little bit pale for me to use as a lip colour, I can't do dark's either, my lips are in definite need of medium shades but this will work really well with my Nars Laguna Bronzer. I have also smeared some over my eyelids and for someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow unless I go out in the evening, this is perfect for adding a bit of colour by just dabbing with your fingertips. Buy here.

2. The Body Shop Nutriganics "Drops of Youth" £24.00

OK so this skincare range from The Body Shop may have been developed for women in their 30's and 40's but I am still pleased to have one especially as it is from their first organically certified range to combat the signs of ageing. You just use 2-3 drops under your normal serum or moisturiser. Buy here.

3. Max Factor - Colour Correcting Stick £9.99

These Colour Correcting sticks come in a range of colours to either address under eye circles, correct dullness, illuminate or in the case of the pink stick I have, cover dark spots on pale skin tones.  As I do have some dark or age spots as I call them, on my skin, it will be interesting to see how well they cover.  A bit like a concealer but to specifically target problem area's by the use of pastel colours, my stick will make a welcome addition to my make-up bag. Buy here.

4. Zoeva Luxe Colour Blush in "He Loves Me, Maybe".

Time to fess up and tell you I have never heard of Zoeva which appears to be a Dutch brand. I can find it on plenty of beauty blogs but not to buy anywhere other than the brands own website where the blush is a very reasonable 7.80 euros. Free from Parabens, Fragrance, Mineral Oil and Phthalates, this fine silky powder is highly pigmented and although more coral than the pinky tones I usually use, the website says this pretty coral pink gives a fresh healthy glow to all skin tones and I am really pleased with it, looks nice on and makes a change from pink. Buy here.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in "Peach Sorbet". £19.50.

This lip colour is from this summers surf and sand collection and looks to be pretty much sold out online although I have found it at House of Fraser for those that are after this kind of shade. Perfect for me as I have been after a coral lip colour to match in with the coral/orange/tangerine hued nail polishes I favour in summer. This sheer tint can be built up for a stronger colour making it perfect as you tan. It will also match that rather lovely coral pink blusher mentioned above Buy here.

Mac Extended Play Gigablack Mascara £14.50

I had my first Mac mascara bought for me last Christmas. I really liked it and it was good to find something other than the Lancome and  Chanel favourites which I know won't smudge on me, well guess what, this strangely named Mac mascara lasts for 16 hours and also promises to be smudge free! It has a very thin brush, perfect for my short lashes and has an intense carbon black pigment and lives up to its claims as I've worn it for the last few days and hey presto - no smudging. Buy here.

So there you have it, approximately £103 worth of beauty bounty for £6. Interns have to have some perks and so do mums, after all I do still make her Billy Bear sandwiches everyday even though she is almost 22!

And to finish a holiday essential I mentioned in my summer beauty essentials posts, the Clarins Double Fix waterproof seal to keep your mascara in place and smudge free in the heat! It's also really good for grooming brows! £20 here.

What have been your favourite beauty purchases this summer?


  1. You lucky Mummy!!!
    My fave purchase this summer has been Liz Earle's Hair oil and Clinique Eyelash Primer. I've always used a MAC primer, but really like the version by Clinique. Oh yes, and a MAC Prime and Prep Finishing Powder (which is really FAB).

  2. Of course I'm not jealous! £6?????????????? I spent that on loo roll today. Great haul Sharron and just before your hols as well xx

  3. Oh my what a lucky lady you are! Not sure if it counts as a summer product but only started using it recently and having great results with the Nailtiques products, they really are helping my awful nails which just split all the time, but with this I actually can grow them a bit without breaking! Helen xx p.s.

  4. I use the Aldi Lacura serum....have done for a few years and I would highly recommend it for £3.49!! I love a beauty bargain as I tend to stick to the more budget brands for skincare and make-up so I am totally envious of your amazing haul for £6!! xx

  5. OMG £6!! amazing haul Sharron, some nice things there xx

  6. You lucky Mum Sharron - some amazing products you have there! I think this would be a good role for my own daughter! ;) Shame about the No7 Serum - the Aldi serum is on my list! Favourites this summer are my Bourjois Pink Sunwear and Bare Minerals Warmth xx

  7. BLIMEY what a bag of bargains!! I have just started to dip my toe into the Aldi range as everyone raves about it but like you, only botox and fillers are going to make this face look better!

  8. That's an incredible haul, wow! You're very lucky to have a daughter working in the magazine business. x

  9. what a steal, buy more an sell it on ebay!!

  10. Fab haul. I've just spent half hour wandering around some beauty counters at a total loss as to what to buy and came away with a lippy as I think this is one of the things which can make such a difference to the way you look - well for me anyway. And shame about the serum - I was hoping there were going to be good reports based on previous findings about the No7 range but alas - not for this one. Like Michelle, I use the Lidl Lacura serum - I love the smell and that alone keeps me restocking back up on it (the green one though - didn't like smell on the other one). Wish I knew people who worked in places with such good perks.

  11. My only buy this month has been Maybelline Big Lash ( totally old school and I first used it in the 70s) for £3.99. My daughter had told me years ago to try it again but I thought I knew better. Wow. I got the waterproof one and it doesn't smudge or run and actually comes of easily enough with a baby wipe. It makes my eyelashes lovely thick and long. Job done !! he he.

  12. Wow Sharron what a complete steal.....very envious & such pretty colours too.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  13. Great products Sharron and have a lovely holiday!
    Anne xx

  14. Fab! I get a lot of beauty goodies at work too, it's always exciting :) Love the Nars Multiple! x


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