Should I Wear Glasses to Look Cooler?

If you’re naturally blessed with 20/20 vision, you have the luxury of choosing to wear glasses as a fashion accessory, or to ignore them. Should you don fake frames at all? Will they make you look better, or too bookish? If you have the option to go with or without some signature specs, you have some thinking to do. (Which you may look smarter doing, in glasses.) We’re not going to focus so much on cultural attitudes and stereotypes, though, as much as which face shapes go best with which styles. If you have a rounder face, and less pronounced…

How to Walk in Heels

While a pair of high heels can help a woman look slimmer, stand taller, and feel confident, walking in them can be difficult until one becomes accustomed to it. Don’t worry. Here are a couple of popular tips: Take Small Steps Walking in high heels is unlike any other walking. It might seem counterintuitive but online experts say you should simply take small, slightly slower steps. Do not bend your knees more than normal. High heels will probably shorten your stride. The higher the heel, the shorter your successful stride will be. Go with it. Your walk will look more…