With so many different makeup styles and techniques, it’s hard to know which works best for you, which is why it’s important to know your eye shape and how best to paint your eyelids.

  1. Almond eyes are the most common. To enhance, use a medium shade on the crease and a darker shade along the upper and lower eyelash lines.
  2. Downturned eyes have a slight bend at the corners; complement the shape with darker colors on the outer top lash line.
  3. Hooded eyes tend to have a hidden crease. To augment, apply a dark color to the upper lash line and blend upwards.
  4. Monolid eyes have little to no crease. Utilize makeup by applying darker colors to the upper and lower lash lines and creating a crease by applying a medium color above the lid.
  5. Round eyes are larger. To distinguish, use dark colors on the outer corners and upper lash line and a medium shade on the lower lash line.
  6. Upturned eyes have a lift at the corners and best revealed when dark colors are applied to the upper and lower outer lash lines and a medium shade across the crease.

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