Lipstick is perhaps the most user-friendly makeup item. You don’t need to know any special tricks or techniques for making it look right, and you can get away without wearing any other types of makeup. Nothing brightens up the face like a swipe of bold lip color.

The only tricky part of wearing lipstick is picking a color. For someone who’s starting from scratch, it can be an overwhelming process. Even experts find it difficult to pick out a new color, especially if trends are shifting or if they are challenging themselves to try something different.

The easiest way to choose a flattering lipstick is to match your skin’s own undertones. This means wearing a warm-toned lipstick if you have warm skin and cool-toned lippies if you have cool skin. Warm skin looks best in cream and gold; cool skin wears white and silver well. If you have warm skin, try a coral or brick red lipstick. Cool ladies should try berries and fuchsias. Women of all undertones look great in true reds.

A more advanced move is to match the undertones in your outfit. You don’t have to match the colors exactly. Corresponding undertones pull an outfit together without looking obvious. Women with thin lips may want to avoid dark lipsticks, though this is not a hard-and-fast rule. There is also no strict rule against wearing wine or brown tones during the warmer seasons. As long as you wear your lippie with confidence, it will always look like the right color.

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