There Comodidad, are a few secrets to waking up with perfect hair, pre-styled exactly the way you cheap jerseys want it to look. Of course, what you will do depends upon how you want your hair to look when you open your eyes in the para morning.

One simple catch-all solution to keeping your hairstyle in place is to sleep on a pillow covered with a satin pillowcase. The satin is smooth and doesn't let your hair get all tangled up as you twist and turn in the night.

But when you want to wake up to a specific style, timelapse here are a couple of tips.

For hair with beach waves, pull completely dry hair into a high ponytail before going to sleep. Twist the ponytail gently into a bun and secure with a fabric-covered cheap jerseys elastic tie. When you wake up, shake your head free of the tie and enjoy your beach waves.

If you have a head full of curls already, you don't want to wake up with a tangled mess. All of that untangling takes time and cheap nfl jerseys effort and who needs that in the a.m.? Spray hair with some Moroccan oil and wrap your locks into two buns before bed and keep your curls where they belong.

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