While a pair of high heels can help a woman look slimmer, stand taller, and feel confident, walking in them can be difficult until one becomes accustomed to it. Don’t worry. Here are a couple of popular tips:

Take Small Steps

Walking in high heels is unlike any other walking. It might seem counterintuitive but online experts say you should simply take small, slightly slower steps. Do not bend your knees more than normal.

High heels will probably shorten your stride. The higher the heel, the shorter your successful stride will be. Go with it. Your walk will look more natural and be more comfortable if you take small steps.

Walk From Heel To Toe

Try to otherwise walk as normally as possible. When you walk in flats you don’t put your entire foot down at once or walk on the balls of your feet. Step down heel first and then your toes. Once your weight is on the balls of your feet, you shift your weight forward almost like you’re walking tip-toed and push forward for your next step.


Walking in high heels can be like any other new experience. It takes time and a bit of effort. Practice! Practice! Practice!

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