If we haven't met before, allow me to introduce myself, I'm a mum of 4 (3 very different but gorgeous grown up girls aged between 24 and 21, the eldest who is getting married this summer and a delightful young man of 13) who happens to believe that fashion isn't just for the under 40's!

I dream in designer but have a lemonade income and often update my wardrobe after a clear out and a bit of ebaying.  Most high end items I own tend to be accessories, and I can often be found asking everyone in the family for money when it comes to birthdays and Christmas to enable me to grab a designer bargain in the sales.  I love a discount and a mid season sale and am passionate about passing on a deal to my lovely readers.

I describe myself as a fashion addict, product junkie who is partial to a Latte! I adore leopard print and lipstick and have an addiction to Chanel nail polish! If I could afford Botox, I probably would and maybe a bit of Lipo thrown in for good measure!

The blog was started in May 2009 under it's original name of "Looking Fab In Your Forties" as I couldn't (at that time) find any UK over forty fashion bloggers, boy how times have changed, now you are inundated dear reader! I have a strong belief that women of a certain age don't want to dress like their grown up daughters or even worse, their 70 or 80 year old mothers!  It was never my intention to be a personal style blog, although I do sometimes appear on the blog, it isn't something I am particularly comfortable with, all that posing just doesn't come naturally to me but I appreciate readers like to see what I wear occasionally.

I am proud to say I have worked closely with many PR’s over the last few years and am available for sponsored posts providing they are in keeping with fashion/style theme of the blog or are about a product/service that I would be interested in using.  Reviews are always written honestly and from my personal opinion of the product and service received. If I don't like an item I am sent, it won't feature - as simple as that.  I try to be honest and always disclose any free items I receive.  I have turned down lots of opportunities because clothes, shoes and accessories have to be to my taste. Sponsored posts are always declared as so at the bottom of any post.


After the first few years of blogging, I decided to monetise the site.  This involves the use of affiliates, so the majority of links featured on the site are through an affiliate system, which can earn me a very small commission should a reader actually click through and purchase an item featured.  Depending on the retailer, most commission is somewhere between 3% and 8%. It's no "get rick quick scheme" just a way to make a few pennies each month from the hours I spend on my hobby.  I do work and could in no way, shape or form turn my hobby into a full time job, I was linking through to websites anyway and not earning anything if a reader bought something on my recommendation so it seemed a natural progression and the way every blogger was going (and still is) at the time. I hope this doesn't offend anybody.
Never be afraid to contact me!  I receive lots of emails asking for Style Advice, whether a reader is looking for a specific garment or requires an outfit for a specific occasion.  I don’t charge for this, all I ask is that you click on the affiliate links contained within the report I send you, should you wish to purchase any of my recommendations, as it often takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect pieces but it is something I love to do and hope to develop at some stage in the future.
Just like most women, they don’t always get it right but I am an outfit obsessive when it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker and  Elle McPherson.  With a 13 year old son now now at secondary school, I am no longer a “Mum on the Run” but still love these kind of features for chic daytime dressing as well as their Red Carpet Style.

 Kelly Rutherford is another Style hero whether on the set of “Gossip Girl” or indulging in some Manhattan downtime and I make no secret of the fact, I love Olivia. Yes its true and I sometimes wonder if its wrong to worship at the “Palermo altar” being as I am probably old enough to be her Mum, but her style is so polished, elegant and “Park Avenue Princess” that many of her looks work for so many ages and I love how she mixes high end with high street and can sell out a Reiss dress as quickly as The Duchess of Cambridge!

So come along for the ride, you will find this Blog contains my personal opinions on Fashion, Style, Beauty, always relevant, always true to myself , a middle aged women who understands the needs of the more mature fashionista. Its time you had fun with fashion, whatever your age, just enter your email in the subscribe box and make sure you never miss a post!