If you’re naturally blessed with 20/20 vision, you have the luxury of choosing to wear glasses as a fashion accessory, or to ignore them.

Should you don fake frames at all? Will they make you look better, or too bookish? If you have the option to go with or without some signature specs, you have some thinking to do. (Which you may look smarter doing, in glasses.)

We’re not going to focus so much on cultural attitudes and stereotypes, though, as much as which face shapes go best with which styles. If you have a rounder face, and less pronounced jaw, then snazzy, geometric frames like rectangular frames, aviators or even wrap frames (think cuter version of safety goggles) will look good on you, because they add dimension and angles to your face. But, if your face is already on the angular/pointy/rectangular side, you’ll want to highlight your brow with thick top frames, or go with softer oval frames, to soften those angles a little.

You’ll want to consider opinions from the optical store workers, friends/family, and most importantly, yourself. If you feel good in glasses, that’s what matters most, but you’ll want to style yourself with “eyes wide open” when it comes to the best options for your face shape.

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