Being able to grab a flight anywhere in the world is amazing! You can visit far away family or travel to beautiful destinations. Flights can be short and painless or long and uncomfortable. Don’t let your clothes be the culprit of your discomfort; this is what you should be wearing when you fly.

First and foremost, you want to be comfortable and relaxed when you fly. A pair of leggings paired with an oversized shirt or sweater is always a comfy-cute combo. Wearing a hat can get you out of the house quickly to make your flight, but you may regret it later. You will want to lean back and get cozy in your chair and even take a snooze. This can be difficult with a hat on.

If you are on a long flight, you may want to purchase a good pair of compression socks to keep your feet from swelling. In general, wearing any type of socks with your shoes is recommended, especially if you have a window seat. It can get quite chilly by the window, so socks and a jacket are a good idea to wear or to put in your carry on just in case!

Next time you jump on a plane, make sure you plan the perfect outfit, ditch the hat and don’t forget the jacket and socks. Your flying experience will be much more pleasant if you are comfortable!

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